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1 Year of Update Freak – Blogging Tips & Inspiration

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I keep wondering about being successful, always. But I do have the self-doubt about my capacities and capabilities. My experience in blogging was very little when I began Update Freak on May 16, 2018, by lending money from my mother, I had to beg because she knew that money would be wasted. Yet she gave me and then I created Update Freak, a website which deals with providing information about movies, TV shows and most importantly franchises like Marvel, DC, etc. A journey of 1 Year of Update Freak – Blogging Tips & Inspiration.

To be honest, blogging isn’t easy as it seems to be when you are fully-fledged to become a successful blogger, You need to take care of lot many aspects – there is content creation, SEO, handling social media, updating your self with enough knowledge to create content and a lot more. You are lucky to reach here and read this article because I am going to share a few important points which you should preach and keep in mind to become a professional blogger.

Everyone starts from zero, so did Update Freak. Now, this website is independent of its own. All the money lent is paid back and there is extra cash loading it, which is the profit. The second year of Update Freak, which is from now, is going to be a lot bigger and better. I am planning to expand and spread the site to every geek out there, who might be interested in updates on entertainment and fandom.

Here are a few honest and game-changing tips for aspiring bloggers:

Are you sure about blogging?

Most of them out there, want to start a blog, just because other people started one. Blogging is not about being inspired by others, it is getting inspired about something and then expressing it on a blog. This is the reason why many stop blogging after a period of time because they have no clue about what to do next.

Before beginning, just think about the hardships you might deal, you should have an urge, only then you can blog. Ask yourself these question before turning your gear towards blogging:

  1. From where did my inspiration began for blogging?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What are my goals?

Research is must

When you know what you are going to blog about, this part becomes easy. Finding a niche that you will be targeting is very crucial. The size of your niche is none of your concern. But the interests of this targeted niche is what you need to bother about. Work on your passion, then find a good technique to express your passion through blogging, let it be photography, automobile, entrepreneurship, sport or even as small as gardening.

There are myths that say, the bigger the niche, the better the result, that is not true. Even small niches give a lot of profit and indeed better engagement. The first step for a blogger has to be world-class research.

Content is king, but Marketing is the god

Yes, you might be on a full swing to create content, you might go on to do it, but if there is no one to read it and then share it, that is going to be very frustrating. Before you create content, set an audience, create a community that is ready to read your content. Take feedback, then improvise. Market your content to the right set of readers that are interested in your work is a must.

The first phase of blogging has to go with 20% creating content and the rest 80% with marketing and research.

Work on Social Media

Marketing and working on social media are different. Let me explain why. Social media should not be only used to promote content, it also should be used to engage your following, keep them at bay or you might lose them in no time. Work on one social media platform at a time, do not over complicate your method by stressing on every platform, you might end up getting no result. Make a plan, like first working on Instagram, then Facebook or vice versa. Feed your following by what they need, then they will welcome for something, that you want to feed.

Prepare for hurdles

Nothing is going to go according to your plan, you will meet obstacles at every stop and step. I remember the very first week of creating Update Freak. My traffic exploded and then the website crashed. I had no idea what to do then, I contacted my site builder, had to reset my site, take it down and all other shit happened. The first thought that came into my mind then was to shut it down permanently and regret about the very thought of starting a blog. If I had done that, update Freak wouldn’t be here with thousands of visitors per day today.

Be sure to prepare for every hurdle that comes your way and never give up.

Give it a lot of your time

Blogging for a few days and leaving it aside to become popular overnight is not the quality of a blogger. Your site doesn’t become popular by itself, you have to make it popular with hard work and dedication. Your blog needs your time, a lot of your time. You need to work on making it better, every single day until you are there.

Consistency is the key – seriously

Out of all the points and all the tips that are on the internet, this is the real one – the godfather of blogging’s success. One must be consistent while blogging to not lose the track. A little break can cost you a lot many things. Stick to your plan, go according to the schedule you make and never break it. Blogging is real and sometimes you need to sacrifice something very important. You might not have time to prepare for your examinations, you might lose time to spend with your friends, you might have to miss parties and hangouts. But that’s the deal, consistency is the key.


That’s a short one, I know, but the shorter it is, the precise it gets about 1 Year of Update Freak – Blogging Tips & Inspiration. I hope I have inspired you enough and given a gist of what blogging it. But I am sure this is not all. Thank you for coming here and reading this, if you are our returning visitor to the website thank you for being a part of our journey. A lot of things are going to get better and you need to be in touch with us by following Update Freak on social media.

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