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10 Easy Steps on How To Get More Views on YouTube Videos

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This is the most frequently asked question and the truth is, it takes little tricks and smart work. If you like to get more views on YouTube videos, then you are at right place. This article gives you tips and trick that will help you get more views on YouTube videos and also grow your channel at a faster rate.

Many YouTubers make great videos but don’t get enough views on their videos, this is because they don’t take further steps that will help them get more views and subscribers. Now that YouTube has become an industry for people to earn enough for a living, more and more channels are created where millions of videos are uploaded every day on YouTube. And from those videos, you need your video to reach on top for people to watch it. It might look tough but you can make it, after reading this article.

Further are a few tips that will help you get more views on YouTube channel, read them one by one and follow accordingly.

  1. Have keywords in video title and description

  • Put keywords in video titles

Keywords help you in ranking your video higher on YouTube searches. Use all necessary keywords in your video titles. Do your research before making a video and identify keywords that are popular and trendy. These keywords will let your video be reachable to those who are searching for it.

  • Fill description with keywords

You might think, no one reads your description and you’ll decide to make it crappy, but remember this, the description does search engine optimization (SEO) for your video. Write a description that is full of keywords that are related to your niche and audience. This will help your video to be ranked on google.

  1. Use tags wisely

The best and easiest way to get more views on YouTube videos is tagging. Tags give you an opportunity to get displayed in YouTube searches just like that. The trick with tags is, use all tags that are related to the video. For example, if you made a video about Avengers, use tags like Marvel, Ironman, Hulk, Captain Marvel, use even the names of actors in the movie. The thing which I want you to know is, these tags will build a web around your video and help you place your video in YouTube searches and autoplays.

  1. Ask viewers to subscribe

Convert your viewers into subscribers, ask them to subscribe in the beginning or at the end of your videos. When they feel your video’s interesting, they will surely subscribe. It also depends on how you ask them to subscribe, make a neat request and inform them the advantages of subscribing to your channel, market your channel and finally give them a reason to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Make attractive thumbnails

Let’s say, you have awesome content in your video, you managed to get your video on top of YouTube searches, but your thumbnail sucks, the thumbnail you used is a snap form your video which YouTube suggested you to use it, your video will never get the required views it deserves. People on YouTube make their impression on videos by thumbnails, these thumbnails can make the video or break the video. So, create your thumbnails, make them attractive, add text and use good quality images. The thumbnail of the video must resemble the video at its best. Make most out of it, this will help you to get more views on YouTube videos.

  1. Use end screen

This is most important for your video and channel. You need to use end screen in every video. Use end screen templates which are available on the internet, or you can make one too or else, just leave the background black for end screens because that doesn’t matter. Put video elements to gain views and subscribe element for encouraging viewers to subscribe. End screen will help your channel to the most, give enough end screen time to your viewers. The best practice would be a voice in the background asking your viewers to subscribe and watch more videos of your channel.

  1. Embed your video on question & answer sites

There are a number of question & answer sites like Quora, Yahoo, etc. Find questions that are related to your video and answer them. Copy, paste your YouTube video link in the answers which will be embedded. This will rapidly increase your YouTube views, mark my words.

  1. Promote on social media

You have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and a lot more, use these platform and promote your videos. Reach your audience on social sites. Social media is the key, being present only on YouTube is not right when you want more views, give a lot of time for promoting because it takes time to gain popularity.

  1. Use right tools to get more views on YouTube videos

There are many tools that will help you with your channel, subscribers, and views. Our recommendation is Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy helps you in ranking your videos higher on YouTube searches, provides services like bulk processing, video SEO, video promotion and many more, Tubebuddy has help many YouTube channels to grow faster, earn millions of views and not to forget, YouTube itself recommends this tool.  Be sure to check it out, it’s worth it.

Click here to know about Tubebubby

  1. Create playlists


Playlists help your video to get views because YouTube autoplay feature, plays videos in the playlist continuously without pause. Make a playlist and add all your videos and share it on all platforms so that your viewers can watch all your videos at once. Make sure your playlist is popular enough to reach all your niche audience, this will allow you to get more views on YouTube videos.

If you are not sure of how to create a playlist, follow these steps:

  • Play a video, which you want in the playlist.
  • Under the video, you’ll find a plus option, click on it.
  • After that, you will see few options, which are playlists created by YouTube – Watch later, favorites or a playlist you have already been created for you, click on create a new playlist.
  • Then, give your playlist a good name.
  • After that use the drop box to select the privacy settings, select public.
  • Click create.
  1. Make great quality videos

Edit your videos till they become best and satisfying. If the quality is good, then viewers tend to watch other videos of yours, this will lead to more views. Use a good camera and ensure the audio is sweet. Keep your video to the point and make it short. The best idea to make your video interesting is, watch your video like 10 times continuously, you will feel bored and frustrated right. But here’s the magic, you will understand what’s not needed in the video too. Remove unnecessary clips and content form your video. Use good equipment, check out our recommended equipment for YouTube:

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Final word

Youtube takes time and so patience is all that need form you. Follow all the above steps to get more views on YouTube videos and you’ll see the improvements soon. We have experienced YouTubers who write these articles for you, so be sure to check our other article that will help you:

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