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16 Secrets to get more subscribers on YouTube channel

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Every person who starts a channel and every YouTuber who has already started a channel but has no good amount of subscribers look for this one thing – How to get more subscribers on YouTube channel?

Because it is a big deal. I run three YouTube channels which I started at different times. I have learned a lot, one of my YouTube channels has less than 500 subscribers and the other has crossed 100k subscribers, I figured out what is the secret behind the successful channel and what’s wrong with the other channel. This article is solemnly based on achieving more subscribers on YouTube channel. All tips, tricks, and secrets mentioned below are proven methods to get more subscribers on YouTube channel.

Before you go with increasing subscribers list, you need to know and explore about YouTube first. These are the recommended articles handpicked for you to check out:

Finally here are few smart ways to get more subscribers on YouTube channel:

  1. Prepare a plan for your YouTube channel

Failing to plan is planning to fail

-Alan Lakein

Before you start something on YouTube, you should have thought about the strategies you might be using for the channel. If you didn’t, it’s not too late. You can start now. Write scripts for your YouTube videos, your video might not be a film but write a good script. The script should include these points:

  • What’s your video going to be about?
  • What are the exact words you will be saying?
  • What call to action button will you be using?
  • How will you introduce your other videos in this video?
  • When will you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel?

Those points were about the video, what about the channel?

  • What’s the plan for the channel?
  • How frequently will you upload videos?
  • What strategies will you use?
  • What is your target niche?
  • How will you relate one video of yours to another?

Plan all these things before you start doing something on your channel.

  1. Give keyword rich titles to your videos

You should be able to attract viewers with your name. Put all necessary keywords in the title. Before making a view, do your research and find out which keywords are highly used in YouTube searches. Hit them, make videos on the keywords you find most popular and are used in the searches.

Your target niche will help you in this aspect. If you know who your niche audience is, then you will find the necessary keywords to use in the titles. And to give you a clear picture and idea on how to conquer all you niche keywords here’s an example. When your niche audience is all Marvel fans, then you make videos on Marvel movies, comics, studios, and entertainment. Then your keywords will be Ironman, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Avengers and many more. This is to give a rough idea.

  1. Customize thumbnails

Thumbnails are the book covers of the video. You should never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, on YouTube, viewers judge videos by their thumbnail. You need to see this problem as an opportunity and make your thumbnails as attractive as possible. Viewers tend to go with videos which have a very descriptive thumbnail. Here are a few tips to make wonderful thumbnails:

  • Insert text: Describe your video in your text. Make your thumbnail viewer friendly, give your viewer what he needs in the thumbnail. Define your whole video in this text.
  • Use good quality image: Don’t use a very high-quality image, because there is a quality limit. The image you use for the thumbnail has to be very clear and explanatory.
  • Final tip; Do not use a thumbnail that YouTube recommends from your video while uploading. Make your own thumbnail which is going to be far better.
  1. Make highly watchable content


On YouTube, there is a fundamental principle, which is – ‘Content is king’. You need to know which content is highly watched in your niche. YouTube is completely viewers based, you are making videos for them and to them. Make your videos better and come up with content which your audience cannot resist watching.

The simple logic which you should understand is, there are many channels and videos on YouTube which make the same content as yours and target the same audience as you do. What is the difference that you came up and put into action? If you find an answer to this, then you will be successful on YouTube.

  1. Edit your videos till they are perfect

Use a good video editing software and edit your videos ruthlessly. Add what all is necessary, cut out all the unwanted content from your videos. Put all your efforts into editing. If you can’t do it, then hire someone who can. This is the most important for YouTube. You should look professional and good. Give all your time for editing.

  1. Limit your videos to 5 minutes

The shorter the better. Who has time to watch long videos?  Make it shorter. This might be tough, I face this problem with my videos. The best solution which I found out is, Make your long video and watch it at least a 10 times. Frustrating right? You will understand what is to be removed from the video. This is the best possible way to keep your videos short.

  1. Ask viewers to subscribe

This is the most important thing to do and I always insist on doing. What do you think, viewers will just subscribe to your channel – just like that. You need to be Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran for that to happen. Every video you make, ensure you ask your viewers to subscribe in it. Market your channel, justify why your channel is unique for them to subscribe. Give a reason for your viewers to subscribe. This is the best ever way to get more subscribers to YouTube channel.

  1. Gather right equipment

YouTube is an industry and it needs a few things to sustain and make good content. You will need equipment according to your needs and requirements. A laptop and editing software is a basic need. But there are other equipment tools like camera, microphone, lighting, green screen, etc. And luckily we have all these equipment ready at one place for you, check out the necessary equipment to run YouTube channel from Amazon.

[amazon_link asins=’B07CCNHJNT,B072KQGD9Y,B074T1SY75,B075S7KQPT,B01E3L1ESS,B075V4CMYR,B073DX8Z1P,B075V4HPL7,B075RH47J4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’us-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e1177f5d-7ab6-11e8-b8b3-c9462f8c4afe’]

  1. Add end screens and cards to your videos

  • End screens: End screens are very effective ways to get more subscribers to YouTube channel. Use them on every video. Connect all your video with end screens giving your viewers a very good call-to-action. Put relevant videos elements and subscribe element too. Give a voice over in the background asking them to subscribe and watch other videos too.
  • Cards: If you find it hard with end screens, use cards, its way more simpler process. Add videos, a playlist of yours. You can even promote another channel of yours and conduct a poll for your audience.

  1. Use right tools to get more subscribers on YouTube channel

As always, I recommend a tool, which YouTube itself recommends and that is Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy helps you in bulk editing, rank you higher in searches, video to video promotion, Video SEO. It even does tag research for you, I mean what else you need. Before thinking anything else you need to check it out right away.

Click here to check out Tubebuddy

  1. Promote in online communities

You might have heard it many times, but you haven’t figured it out yet, haven’t you? 

what exactly are online communities?

Well, the answer is, your niche audience might have formed groups in various social media platforms. For example, Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, WhatsApp groups and what not. Get into these groups and promote your videos, ask them to subscribe and say in touch. These are the right people who need your video content. They will definitely watch it. Live up to their standard.

  1. Upload videos at a higher frequency

Consistency is all the needs. Remember the first point – planning? While you are making the present video, you should have already planned for the upcoming videos, that’s how it works. You need to give a lot of time to get more subscribers on YouTube channel. The minimum frequency is 1 video per week. Do not let your channel engagement decrease at any rate.

  1. Utilize description and tags

How the hell does description and tags help to get more subscribers on YouTube channel? Yes, they do and indeed they help the most. Here’s how:

  • Description: When you fill your description with keywords and mention what’s your video about, it will help in search engine optimization both on YouTube and Google, true! So write a keyword rich description and keep it short. Also, include all your social media links to give knowledge about your presence on other platforms.

  • Tags: These are like doors to your video which open to viewers. Again, use all keywords in your tags. Tags help in ranking your video. Gradually, when your views increase you rank higher in searches on the tag you insert. Do not miss any chance to make your video go viral and use all the tags possible.

  1. Collaborate with other channels

Find channels on YouTube that target your same niche and are at the same level as your’s, in terms of subscribers and popularity. Make an agreement and cross-promote each other’s videos. The advantage here is your videos and channel will be discovered by viewers and subscribers of the other channel you collaborate with. This works when the audience of both the channels share the same interest, so search for a good and worthy channel.

  1. Comment on other videos

You need to comment representing your channel. Discover good videos of your niche, the popular ones, be quick to comment. Your comment should be relevant with the video on which you comment and also mention that you channel has similar and better content. This will make the other comments to come to your channel and check it out. Mark my words, it works out, it also depends on the comment you make.

The other secret about commenting, which I use often – Thanking. You need to praise the video on which you comment and also appreciate for the subscribers you have. For example:

Wow! Really a great video and by the way thank you for 1k subscribers.

You might have understood the trick. This makes the other commenters to visit your channel.

  1. Host a giveaway or contest

Everybody likes it when they receive something that is free. Host a giveaway mentioning a price gift which you can afford. Come up with such a task which will benefit the most and ask your viewers to do it. Tasks may be like, following you on every social media platform or subscribing to your channel or purchasing something on your website, anything which is more profitable and useful to you.

Your gift can be something very useful for the viewers like a gadget, cash price, a trip or a product related to your niche. This will create a lot of engagement to your channel which in return gets you more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Lastly, never give up

We, from Update Freak, are helping millions with their YouTube career, so do not hesitate to give us your email to see all latest updates, tips, tricks and guides for your YouTube channel. We are sure that you are going to get more subscribers on YouTube channel and going to be successful in the coming future, if you follow all the mentioned points, above. YouTube needs time, so be patient and never give up. We believe in you. Also check out, our other article which will definitely help you with YouTube:

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