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25 Rip-Roaring Facts About Batman You Need To Know

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A superhero with no powers and yet the bad fear him and his dark shadow. Batman is the most famous superhero and he has all it takes to be that famous. Batman was created by Bob Kane back in 1939, since then we see Batman as a masked vigilante guarding Gotham against criminals and terrorists. Other than that, there is a lot you need to know about Batman and his Alter ego Bruce Wayne. Here are the 25 Rip-Roaring Facts About Batman You Need To Know:

  • Bruce Wayne includes the names of two real heroes

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a household name which is taken from two historical figures, who happen to be:

  • Robert the Bruce, a Scottish national hero

  • Mad Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolution

  • Batman’s screen name

For us, the audience, Batman’s screen name would be Bruce Wayne, but for Bruce Wayne its something else. Bruce Wayne runs the online account with the name JonDoe297.

  • Batman College Course exists

Are you surprised? You have to be, there is actually a college which can train you to be Batman. At the University of Victoria in Canada, there is a course called The Science of Batman. The description of the course says, “The extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the life of the Caped Crusader.”

  • Imagine Batman as Yellow Lantern

The Yellow Lanterns of Sinestro Corps are powered by fear. when a ring tried to find the right person on earth who has the ability to instill fear, it chose Batman. Crazy isn’t it. Batman is a superhero, but he is literally a Dark Knight.

  • Batman used to kill

That’s true! Now Batman is known for his no-killing rule, but back then he did not resist killing people with guns and throwing them into vats of acids. He used to break necks with karate kicks and hang them on Batplane. He had no rules about killing and murdering criminals.

  • The First Batman movie was made without the permission of DC Comics

If you think what kind of shit is that, I think the same. I mean, DC Comics had no clue about it. The first ever Batman movie was released in 1964 with the title Batman Dracula. The director of the movie  Andy Warhol managed to make a 2-hour movie without the consent of DC and now all copies of the movie are lost.

  • Gotham was named after Jewelers

Batman writer Bill Finger had a creative way of coming up with the city name where Batman lives. He opened his phone book to a random page and placed his finger on a random name, which pointed out Gotham jewelers. I am sure if the Jewelers still exist, they would make tons of profit.

  • Kevin Conroy has played Batman the most

This voice actor got the chance to be Batman more than anyone. He contributed his voice for Batman in:

  1. 8 TV series
  2. 13 animated movies
  3. 10 video games

It all began with Batman: The Animated Series.

  • The only actor who is both Batman & Superman

I am not kidding. Ben Affleck is the only actor till date, who had the chance to wear both Batman and Superman costume on screen. He is the Batman in DC Extended Universe, which includes movies – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and he also played Superman in Hollywoodland.

  • True Inspirations of Batman

Batman is a mixture of characters, that is why he is awesome. Batman has hidden qualities of 3 different and very popular fictional characters.

  • Zorro

  • The Shadow

  • Dracula

  • Fans wanted Robin killed

Robin is as popular as Batman. He is a perfect sidekick needed for Batman. We know it was Joker who hit Jason Todd aka Robin with a crowbar and left him to die in an explosion, but the actual reason for this to happen was fans who voted for Robin’s death. 5,343 votes were given for Robin to die in a call-in-poll, whereas 5,271 votes for him to survive, narrow right? But the majority won and Ronin died. RIP.

  • Bob Kane wasn’t the only one who created Batman as we know him

Bob Kane is known for the creation of the world’s most popular fictional characters like Batman, Robin, and The Joker. But Bill Finger is the one added essential elements to the Batman, that played a crucial role for the superheroes success. He named Gotham City and came up with the name of Bruce Wayne. Bob Kane gave Batman a red bodystocking and a domino mask. Bill Finger later changed it to a black color scheme and gave pointed ears to the mask.

  • Bruce Wayne is Worth $7 billion

According to Forbes, Bruce is worth $7 billion but only less than Tony Stark who is worth $12.4 billion.

  • Batman and Wolverine had a cross over

In 1996, Marvel and DC comics had a crossover to come up with a merger of Batman and Wolverine who was named Logan Wayne. His superhero name was Dark Claw.

  • Batman Returns spent  $1,000,000 on Penguins

The movie makers raised  $1,000,000 to ensure the movie featured real penguins. The money was used in cooling, food, accommodation, and shipment.

  • Was Bruce’s father a masked Vigilante?

Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne was a medical doctor and the heir to Wayne Enterprise. He was murdered by a mugger when Bruce was very young, but a lot of stories implied, that even Thomas was a masked vigilante, just like his son.

  • Bruce is Clark Kent’s boss

We were Going in circles to find who is the actual boss of Justice League. But the fact that the holdings of Wayne Entertainment include The Daily Planet says, Bruce is the technical boss of Kent aka Superman.

  • Batman’s favorite food?

Batman is strong and always will be, do you know what he eats to keep up his energy. Batman #701 reveals that his favorite food is mulligatawny soup.

  • Other’s who played Batman

Bruce Wayne isn’t the only one who was Batman we know of. There are other’s who took up the role of the Dark Knight, no matter how briefly, which include Commissioner Gordon, the villain Bane, Wayne’s son Damian and the former Robin, Dick Grayson. A lot of Batmen!

  • Bruce speaks 40 languages

Unbelievable, Batman has the ability to speak 40 languages.

  • Batman and Justice League

Batman is a member of Justice League of America. But this doesn’t mean he trusts them. Brother 1 was launched by Batman to monitor all the allies of Justice League at all times. He even installed laser beams to kill them at any necessary instances.

  • Batman has Alter-Alter-Ego

In an altercation with Batman, Matches Malone was killed and since then Batman disguised as Matches Malone to gather intelligence from the underworld on Gotham’s criminal activities.

  • The Penguin’s back story

One of the arch rivals of Batman was The Penguin, who was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. They both were engaged in a long-distance chess match. This pen pal grew up to be The Penguin, a criminal mastermind of Gotham City.

  • Christopher Nolan almost got sued

The director of the hit trilogy of Batman starring Christian Bale was almost sued because of the usage of the name Batman. There is a city named Batman in Turkey. In 2008, the mayor of the city attempted to sue the director of Batman Begins for using the city’s name in the film title. But luckily for Nolan, the city was formerly called as Iluha, not Batman until 1957. But the name Batman was used in the comics in 1939, 18 years before.

  • Cost to become Batman?

A university professor calculated the cost of the Batcave, Batmobile, all Batsuits, and not forgetting the gadgets, he came to the conclusion that it costs around $300 million. If you are lucky enough to have such amount of money, you can become Batman.

Those were the 25 Rip-Roaring Facts About Batman You Need To Know. We have other articles too, which you should check out for sure. Follow Update Freak on social media for more Bat facts and updates.




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