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5 Weird (But Funny) YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To

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When I meant weird, I meant different, strange, and ahead of its time. The YouTube channels mentioned in this article produce over the top content for viewers. I personally am a fan of four YouTube channels on this list.

Content creation is tough and I can say it through personal experience. Being consistent and publishing videos regularly is hard. Most content creators either lose quality to keep their consistency or stop making videos when they run out of ideas.

Being weird is a superpower and these YouTubers/content creators use their weirdness in the best way possible. The videos of these YouTube channels are funny, unique, thought-provoking and witty. Ensure you subscribe to these weird YouTube channel right away and enjoy world-class YouTube videos.

5 strangely funny YouTube channels you must subscribe to right now.

Ryan George

Ryan George is famous for his Pitch Meeting videos on Screen Rant’s YouTube channel. Most don’t know that he has his own YouTube channel where he makes top-notch videos. Subscribe to Ryan George’s Channel

Key & Peele

Famous for their American sketch comedy television series with the same name, Key & Peele, the sketches on these channels will keep you busy for a long time. Once you start binging the videos, you’ll get addicted to them, fair warning.

Subscribe to Key & Peele’s Channel


Long Beach puts his life on the line to make controversial videos. Not a channel for light-hearted. But if you happen to be open-minded and if you can take a joke, LongBeachGriffy is the channel you should be checking out right now. Subscribe to Long beach’s Channel

ian kung

The lord of producing short videos. Most of Ian Kung’s videos are a minute long and he manages to tell a story or convey his message in such little time. Ian is a legend and he is an inspiration to me. Subscribe to Ian Kung’s Channel

Amith Sai (That’s me)

I said I am a fan of four and not five YouTube channels on this list because the fifth channel is mine. Call it self promotion, but I would be really happy if you go and check out my videos. I know I am weird and I love being weird. I make short videos and I mostly dance in the dark humour arena. Subscribe to Amith Sai’s Channel

If you can find a channel that gets you addicted to watching more of its videos, my mission is successful. These strange YouTube channels will never fail to make you laugh and give you a good cheer.

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