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Best Shows To Watch On Disney+ Right Now

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Turns out, Netflix has a worthy competitor now. Disney Plus is, after all, a good streaming service that will make movies, documentaries and TV shows from MCU, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar and Disney itself be available at one place. I think this will be a massive problem for Netflix. Yes, Netflix has its own content, but comparatively, Disney is a monopoly in the movie industry owning almost every goddam top franchise.

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You have come here to know what all shows on Disney Plus can be streamed right away, you will find that below. We have also got Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix and Top Shows to Stream on Netflix as well, be free to check them out.

Shows like The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are a lot profitable to Disney+. World’s favourite show The Simpsons is also streaming on Disney Plus if you are unaware. Upcoming shows like Loki, Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are on their way, these Disney+ series will make the subscriber’s number go up like crazy.

Big Hero 6

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Big Hero 6 From UpdateFreak.com
Big Hero 6 Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Disney’s movie, Big Hero 6 was a surprise. It was great. Its story touched hearts. Hence Disney planned on to make a TV series bringing all the heroes back. Big Hero 6 The Series is an adventure television show of Hiro Hamada and his team, Baymax, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Wasabi. Hiro’s education and social life are more traversed in the show.

Boy Meets World

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Boy Meets World From UpdateFreak.com
Boy Meets World Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

A well-executed sitcom about Cory Matthews and his school life. Cory has a girlfriend named Topanga and a best friend named Shawn. Their lives on the screen are meant to cheer the audiences in a good way. All seven seasons are available on Disney+. The story transcends from school to college life.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now The World According to Jeff Goldblum From UpdateFreak.com
The World According to Jeff Goldblum Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Jeff Goldblum is a hell of an actor. He is loved all over the world. Not forgetting to credit his role in the Jurrasic Park Franchise. Jeff’s take on the world is fascinating. The show unravels all history and science from our day to day lives. Familiar topics are chosen that everyone can relate and connect to.

The Simpsons

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now The Simpsons From UpdateFreak.com
The Simpsons Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Simpsons are famous, the cartoon is known for its unique comedy. Many things that happened in the series actually have come true in real life. Many believe the story writer of the show, Matt Groening, to be a time traveller and writes The Simpsons to warn the world of any future incident. Not sure how far that is true, but one must watch this nostalgic and comical show about Homer Simpson and his incredible family.

Hero Project

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Hero Project From UpdateFreak.com
Hero Project Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Disney has planned a lot of Marvel shows that will be hitting Disney+ soon starting with Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Marvel’s Hero Project is something creative and sweet. Every episode features a kid who loves superheroes and believes to be a superhero himself/herself and helps the community. As promised, all the kids from Hero Project will appear in the coming Marvel Comics. The show tries to say “You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero, Like Batman”, lol.

Pick of the Litter

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Pick of the Litter From UpdateFreak.com
Pick of the Litter Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

TV show for pet lovers. Pick of the Litter is a series regarding how pets can help mankind. Dogs are believed to be man’s best friend, the show is a proof for that. From directors, Don Hardy and Dana Nachman, this show is a journey of five puppies from their birth to becoming fully grown dogs that help blind people as their guides.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Star Wars The Clone Wars From UpdateFreak.com
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise has gone far beyond the galaxy(literally), A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… The Clone Wars turned out to be a better story than the last three episodes of the live-action Skywalker Saga which Disney made. With enough action and crazy storyline, this prequel series is a fan favourite.

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The Muppets

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now The Muppets From UpdateFreak.com
The Muppets Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

You see these characters all over the social media through memes and funny stuff. The Muppets is a funny series about three friends who try to stop the end of their theatre. Mary, Walter and Gary are the three Muppets who reunite from their jobs and bring in a hilarious adventure one cannot resist watching.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now High School Musical The Musical The Series From UpdateFreak.com
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Are you a music lover? If yes, this is the show you need to binge right now. High School Musical is an old franchise that was a tremendous hit years ago. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is an effort to bring back joy the franchise was able to provide. School love is said to be pure, the series has romances, friendships and all other emotions to soften your heart.

Gravity Falls

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Gravity Falls From UpdateFreak.com
Gravity Falls Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

For the kids, but adults will love it too. Dipper and Mabel are twins who travel to the town named Gravity falls and uncover paranormal activities that are weird and exciting at the same time. A mysterious show to baffle you with its impressive storyline.

The Imagineering Story

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now The Imagineering Story From UpdateFreak.com
The Imagineering Story Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

I am not saying this show is all about Disney boasting its creations, but it seems like it. Nonetheless, The Imagineering Story talks about how all the themes parks of Disney came into existence. A documentary of the history around these parks and the imagination behind all of it.

Tron Uprising

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Tron Uprising From UpdateFreak.com
Tron Uprising Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

A computer world story of Beck and his growth in becoming a leader of The Grid. Tron: Legacy turned out to be a disappointment, but this animated show didn’t. Beck is trained by the great warrior Tron to fight the evil forces and free his friends from the Clu reign.


Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now SparkShorts From UpdateFreak.com
SparkShorts Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Pixar’s employees are given a limited budget and 6 months of time to make a short animated film that is entirely produced by Pixar Animation Studios and then, they will be streamed on Disney+. All the creativity lying underneath is out in these short films. A few SparkShorts include Loop, Wind, Float, and Kitbull. Kitbull was nominated for Best Animated Short Film in the 92nd Academy Awards.

Diary of a Future President

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Diary of a Future President From UpdateFreak.com
Diary of a Future President Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

The name says it all. Shows like these fascinated me. its a tale of a Twelve-year-old girl who wants to be an American president when she grows. Elena is a Cuban-American cute girl going through her middle school facing challenges to become strong and confident day after day.

Pixar: In Real Life

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Pixar In Real Life From UpdateFreak.com
Pixar: In Real Life Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Hidden cameras recording the reaction of people being surprised after witnessing characters of Pixar coming alive on the streets of New York City is what Pixar: In Real Life is about. A 12-episode series showing Wall-E and other characters roaming around the streets and amusing people.

Star Wars: Rebels

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Star Wars Rebels From UpdateFreak.com
Star Wars: Rebels Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Rejoice! As the 4 seasons show for Star Wars lovers is way more intimidating with cool spaceships, classic battle scenes and constituents a few main characters from the Star Wars world like Darth Wader and Princess Leia. When the Empire is all over the galaxy dominating and hunting for Jedi Knights, a crew of Starship try to defend and fight the Empire.

Forky Asks a Question

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now Forky Asks a Question From UpdateFreak.com
Forky Asks a Question Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

Toy Story 4 introduced Forky to us, the character was voiced by Tony Hale. The same character got a standalone series where he gets to ask questions that are diverse and enlightening. Questions like “What is Money?”, “What is Art?”, What is Time?”. The answers to these questions might sometimes open hidden doors of life.

The Mandalorian

Best Shows To Watch On Disney Right Now The Mandalorian From UpdateFreak.com
The Mandalorian Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

The most-watched show on Disney+ right now and the best output of Disney’s acquirement of Lucas Films. The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal in the lead. The character sets on a journey across the galaxy and won’t unmask his face. Each episode is a new struggle. The Baby Yoda that you saw all over the news and memes is from this Star Wars series. Many claim Baby Yoda to be the cutest creature in the universe, you see the show yourself and let us know in the comments below of what you think.

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