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Captain Marvel Review: The Origin Of The Avengers

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  • Captain Marvel received only 6.5/10 rating from IMDb, managed to hit 81% at Rotten Tomatoes.

  • The movie is worth the wait and answered many questions.

  • Though a few aspects felt illogical and routine, Captain Marvel is a building block to MCU.

Captain Marvel is in theatres and Marvel has not left any door unopened. The movie is super cool. Check the Captian Marvel review and rating below.

Captain Marvel Review
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Captain Marvel is the bridge to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future films. A 90’s female superhero film including decent humor and a lot of fun. Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson made a phenomenal performance.

I am not here to spoiler your movie, but I will do my level best to make the movie more interesting. The two trailers Marvel released months ago of Captain Marvel; let me begin there. I felt cheating. The story they presented in those trailers. I mean… How to put this? The movie was a shock to me. The story part, I was surprised and had no idea what was coming. Let me give a glimpse of the story.

The story of Captain Marvel

The movie begins with Vers(Brie Larson) having dreams about her past, she doesn’t remember anything from her past except for a plane crash. Yon-Rogg(Jude Law), a Kree species from planet Hala rescues her from the crash and teaches her to fight. The planet Hala is ruled by an A.I. called Supreme intelligence. The krees give her powers and Yon is handed the responsibility of Vers, he puts efforts to bring out the best of Vers, by which she can fight for Krees.

Now Krees have an ultimate enemy called The Skrulls, they are the shapeshifters and all that you already know from the trailer. When on a mission to track down one of the Kree agents, Vers is captured by Skrulls. In the process of escaping, she lands on earth, which in the movie is named planet C-53, with her a few Skrulls land on the planet too, for infiltration.

Captain Marvel Review

Vers has to stop The Skrull infiltration and prove herself to the Supreme Intelligence.

Highlights of the movie

  • Nick Fury

Captain Marvel Review

How did Nick Fury lose his eye? This was the question asked ever since Agent Fury was featured on the screen. Now I might spoiler this bit for you. What do you think, Fury gets into action and in a serious fight, a Skrull pulls of his eye? Do not go with this expectation, his loss of an eye is much more interesting and crazy to name it.

Other than that, Samuel L. Jackson was extraordinary, the age-change makeup and VFX were incredible. He looked younger and energetic. His seriousness was missing though. He was chill and all cool. Made hilarious jokes and I loved them.

  • Goose

Captain Marvel Review

This cat named Goose was the best part of the movie and I’m serious. Now Goose is not just a normal cat, it turns out to be a Flerken. No one knows what a Flerken is, but it is an alien species and a very dangerous one. Nick Fury falls in love with Goose and the romance, actually, Catmance to be precious is lovely to watch.

I will tell you this on purpose to wait for the scenes of the cat, they are funny and eye-catching.

  • Pager

Captain Marvel Review

Nick Fury used his pager before his death from the snap of Thanos. That signal was for Captain Marvel, it sure is, but this movie gave a depth to it and also answered questions. You need to watch the movie for more clarity.

  • Post credit scenes

If you are a Marvel fan, I’m sure you’ll stick your butt to the chairs until the screen goes blank after the credits. As usual, Captain Marvel has two post-credit scenes. The mid credit scene is what we need to talk about. Remember the post credit scene of Ant-Man, which featured a direct scene from Captain America: Civil War?

The same thing happened here. The mid credit screen is the most important thing in the whole movie, I literally went to watch the movie for the post-credits. A direct scene from Avengers: Endgame is featured, Hurry! That’s all I can say in the review. This mid-credit scene makes me wait for Endgame even more.


Downs of the movie

I am sorry to mention this part, but facts remain the facts and let me accept it.

  • Is Ronan a joke?

Captain Marvel Review

In Guardians of Galaxy, Ronan was defeated by a dance-off. He was a joke there. But here in Captain Marvel, Ronan was given a more shitty part.

  • Same old Magic script

Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Breakdown

Marvel makes very good scripts and the movies turn out awesome, but the formula is boring now. Saving the world, finding true potential and a few touches of humor dialogues here and there. This is a bit old now. To be frank, from the beginning, until the half, the movie was slow.

  • Didn’t cross the wonder woman benchmark

Wonder Woman Quiz

Wonder Woman is the movie we look out for female superhero leads. Captain Marvel wasn’t there yet.

  • Why Nick Fury waited this long?

10 reasons to watch Captain Marvel

The attack on New York led by Loki and the Ultron crisis were big problems too, but why Fury waited till the snap of Thanos. Unanswered or a plothole? let me know in the comments below.


None the less, If you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, you don’t need to worry at all. A Marvel fan will love the movie because Captain Marvel answers a lot of questions and it lay the groundwork for the whole franchise. Digs deep into Nick Fury and his initiative of forming an Avengers group.

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