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Crazy facts about Marvel Comics You need to know

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You might be a diehard fan of your favorite superhero from Marvel Comics and you might know everything about that superhero, however, you should have enough idea about the publishing company too.

Marvel Comics had many hurdles that we are unaware of and many tragedies you will find interesting.

Marvel Comics

Go through these tragedies, adventures and fun facts of Marvel Comics that you should probably know before you like them and their superheroes.

Tony Stark is not the richest anymore

If you still think Tony Stark is the richest Marvel superhero after the release of the movie Black Panther, you are wrong. King T’Challa is the richest with a net worth of $500 billion, 5 times that of Tony Stark.

Hulk has Mark Ruffalo’s Finger Prints

Marvel is so detailed about things that a graphic character had to have fingerprints of a human. This is not a joke, but it is a funny and respectful thing to do as a film production company.

Not only this but many of the stunts in Spider-man – homecoming were actually done by Tom Holland. Marvel does these things to inspire other filmmakers to be precise and detailed as much as possible.

Michael Jackson wanted to be Spiderman

Just think, instead of Tobey Maguire, if Michel Jackson played Spiderman?

Micheal Jackson aspired to be Spiderman in the 90’s when he tried to purchase Marvel Comics, only to become Spiderman. He not only wanted to be king of pop but also extend his string into the superhero world. That could have been awesome and weird too.

Now, Imagine Grey Hulk

Hulk was originally grey in color, when he was introduced into comics, but had to be changed to green due to poor color separation while printing comics, in the 60’s.

Venom is fan made

Jim Shooter, Marvel’s editor in chief in the 80’s, luckily bought the idea for Spider-Man’s black costume from a fan for $220. He even allowed the fan to write a comic, which didn’t go accordingly. The idea of black costume was later introduced as villain character and ended up being the most popular villains called Venom.


Marvel owned Zombie

This is a fun fact, from the year 1975 to 1996, Marvel trademarked the word Zombie and then realized it was impossible to enforce it and gave up the licensing.


Black Widow is older than you expect

If you are a Marvel fan, you should be aware, that Black widow is actually a mutant. Apparently, she is 70 years old, she takes a serum that lets her maintain her youthful appearance and abilities. She doesn’t let herself grow older, The might be a problem when Scarlett Johansson turns older.


Marvel founder narrowly missed death

Marvel Comics founder Martin Goodman was supposed to travel in Hindenberg, which accidentally crashed. Martin Goodman changed his traveling plans at the last minute. This is called fate.

Wolverine was supposed to be Mutated Wolverine

Wolverine was actually supposed to be Mutated Wolverine, but Stan Lee was against this idea and vetoed it, making him a human mutant.


Robert Downey Jr. dated Aunt May

Lol, let me reconstruct the heading, Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr, dated at one point back in 1994 when they both played each other’s love interest in the movie Only you. Although their relationship didn’t last, they apparently ended things on good terms, as Marisa Tomei has said that Robert Downey Jr. recommended her for the role of Peter Parker’s Aunt May.

Marvel vs DC – There is a crossover series

Fans of respective comics argue for the point – who’s stronger, well they might find the answer because both the comic book giants actually worked together once in the 90’s and created a comics book series called DC vs Marvel.

This comic book was under the imprint of Amalgam Comics. Both the universes of DC and Marvel toss off a battle to prove whose superior and superheroes form respective universes fight with those, having the closet counterpart. As a result, 24 amalgam comics followed, each in the combination of Marvel and DC characters into one new superhero.

Captain Marvel is actually from DC comics, not Marvel Comics

What! are you kidding?

No, we’re not. It was DC comics who first used the term Captain Marvel in the year 1940, but later on, Marvel created their own Captain Marvel in the 60’s and licensed the name. They even licensed everything that has Marvel in the title. This forced DC to change their Captain Marvel into Shazam.

Marvel almost went bankrupt in 90’s

Marvel is the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, but back in the 90’s Marvel nearly went bankrupt that it sold its film rights to its characters. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four went to Fox for a flat fee, Spider-Man was sold to Sony, and other properties such as Blade went to other production companies.

The decision made Marvel some quick cash and kept it in business, films were made based on these characters and got good cash to Marvel, leading Marvel to start making their own movies – Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a huge success.

Finally, with all good cash, Marvel Cinematic Universe came on to the floor and turned out to be the world’s highest grossing franchise. Many of the character’s rights that were sold, slowly brokered back to Marvel such as Spider-Man.

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