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Everything you need to know about Aquaman – DC Comics

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DC Comics have been a little low since their recent films didn’t do quite well. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were slammed and criticized by its viewers. Wonder Woman came in and saved the day, but again Justice League drowned DC Comics in the best way it could. Well, DC universe is facing a huge problem right now, but here’s what you need to know about Aquaman, whose trailer is doing good round and predicting a success.

know about Aquaman story

After the events of Justice League, Arthur Curry, the ruler, and king of  Atlantis – an underwater kingdom finds himself in a situation where he is threatened by surface dwellers, which puts his ocean and his own people at risk, who are ready to invade the surface.


Cast and characters

The movie’s protagonist and superhero – Aquaman aka Arthur Curry is played by Jason Momoa, who know for his acting. After watching Justice League, a lot of fun was made of Aquaman. But the truth is, he has a lot of cool powers which you have no idea about, check them out:

  • Aquatic physiology enhanced strength, speed, endurance, agility, durability, reflexes, and senses
  • Telepathic control of all aquatic life
  • Super-fast swimming
  • Able to speak and understand any language on earth
  • Utilizes the Trident of Poseidon
  • Hydrokinesis (alternate continuities)

This Aquaman has a love interest too, who is Mera, played by Amber Heard. She is also a warrior and daughter of the king of the Atlantean tribe of Xebel. Mera possesses hydrokinetic and telepathic powers and an ability to communicate with other Atlanteans.

The movie even stars Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Patrick Wilson as Orm / Ocean Master and not forgetting, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus who is the father of Mera.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing the role of Black Manta. This character has a lot more and bigger part to play than you actually think. He is the most anticipated element in the movie. As producer Peter Safran said last year,

We certainly have every intention that Manta plays a very large role in the DC universe. He has to. He’s just too great. And we give him his origin story in this movie. We do show how Manta, that we see in the comic books, became that character. And we’re so fortunate to have this guy, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, to play him. I don’t know if you guys saw The Get Down on Netflix, this guy Yahya is just extraordinary, and he came in and he auditioned and we met with him and it was just a slam dunk.


Why might Aquaman be a hit?

As mentioned before, DC Comics are on the edge and require an urgent success. Aquaman is a unique concept and a different ideology. 2018 has already become a year of superheroes. A lot of films were released, which were related to fiction, the trend is set. And luckily Aquaman is releasing in the holidays.

There must have been a lot of planning for this film. $160 million has been invested to make the film with high CGI. To the fact, Aquaman’s principal photography began in Australia on May 2, 2017, and wrapped on October 21, 2017. Kirk Morri serves as the editor and two-time Academy Award winner Charles Gibson (Babe and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest), and Kelvin McIlwain (The Fast and the Furious franchise) serve as visual effects supervisors.


The most important thing you need to know about Aquaman is that James Wan is the director of the film, known for his horror films – The Conjuring, Insidious, The Conjuring 2. Aquaman might not be a horror flick but the thrilling touch that it gets from this director will double up the fun. Just like SHAZAM!, even this film has a director, who is into the genre of horror. DC Comics and Warner Bros are keen on choosing their cast and crew this time.


Aquaman is scheduled to release on December 21, 2018. The day when Bumblebee and Alita: Battle Angel are releasing too. Let’s see who tops the box office. That’s the best we know about Aquaman.

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