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Extraction 2 Confirmed: Chris Hemsworth, Joe Russo & Sam Hargrave Will Return

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Netflix’s Extraction is on its way in becoming the most-streamed film on Netflix ever. Chris Hemsworth ran, jumped, took bullets and did all he can to make it a good action thriller.

Joe Russo has confirmed that he is going to work on the script of a sequel to Sam Hargrave’s debut movie. Joe told Deadline that he is following up on the next part within 10 days of the Extraction’s release date.

The deal is closed for me to write Extraction 2, and we are in the formative stages of what the story can be. We’re not committing yet to whether that story goes forward, or backward in time. We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.

Extraction is projecting over 90 million household views within the first 4 weeks of its release. The views surpass every other popular movie that released on Netflix to date:

  • Spenser Confidential – 85 million views
  • 6 Underground – 83 million views
  • Bird Box – 80 million views
  • Murder Mystery – 73 million views

Plus point for Extraction is the global pandemic. Almost all countries’ population are forced to stay inside their homes leaving no choice but to binge on TV shows and watch movies.


Joe Russo wants director Sam Hargrave back for the sequel. Sam was a stunt coordinator before and helped Russo brothers in several Marvel movies, his projects include Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

There was always a simple drive to the story, a balletic execution of action where you take a damaged character who made an egregious mistake in the past and has a shot at redemption which might be fatal. What was key is that we needed a muscular action director like Sam to be the main creative force in the execution of the action.

Extraction 2 Confirmed Chris Hemsworth Joe Russo Sam Hargrave Will Return
Rudhraksh Jaiswal and Chris Hemsworth in Extraction (2020)

Deal with Chris Hemsworth is not initiated yet. The ending of Extraction left many questions rather than answers. These questions certainly are left unanswered keeping a sequel in mind. The movie played a safe game in not letting the audience know whether Tyler Rake died or not. If the movie would have failed, we might all have been assumed that he died. Luckily, 90 million views in its first month of release say quantities of the film’s success.

We show you at the beginning that he’s hit by a sniper by a potentially fatal shot, so the whole movie you’re watching to see if Rake is going to survive the film or not. That creates tension as you’re watching the film because you know where it’s going. What we love about that ending is, you can interpret it any way you want to, which is really, for us, it represents hope for the boy that he’s gonna have a future, you know, that that is the ghost of Rake that’s looking over him – it’s really what it means to him at the end of the movie more so than what it means to the audience.

A ghost or its actually Rake that is looking over Ovi? For some reason, I began to think of the chances of surviving after getting shot in the neck region or anywhere near. The character’s redemption is achieved if he’s dead, there’s no meaning in brining him back unless there’s a financial benefit to it.

And there’s nothing wrong with ambiguous endings, in fact, they can be quite entertaining and incite a lot of conversation which I always think is the value of a public medium like filmmaking, is that everyone can argue about it and discuss it ad nauseam – but unless there’s a prequel or a sequel, that question won’t be answered.

When the script is done, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave will discuss the plot and story of Extraction 2. It’s only after that the new deals will be made. Release date of the movie is not confirmed yet. Follow Update Freak on Instagram for more movie updates.


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