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How Joker Grossed $1 Billion At Box Office?

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Surprised? Joker is an R-Rated villain movie and yet it earned a billion dollars at the box office, how? Directed by Todd Phillips, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, Joker is an exceptional movie that is depressing and triggers violence. Warner Bros. wanted to make something different and gave a chance to an origin story of a villain who is as famous as a superhero. There was a lot of anticipation and DC fans were excited about the movie.

These are the reasons on how Joker was able to enter the Billion Dollar Club with ease:

Because it’s R-Rated

R-Rated movies are not for children and that’s a fact. But don’t you think that’s what generates more curiosity to watch the movie, even more. For children and adults too. An adult-rated movie will definitely catch a child’s attention but also makes an adult watch the movie for sure. When the promotions for the movie were on, the R-rated symbol was mentioned everywhere for Joker and it worked out in selling more tickets.

Not A One-Time Watch Movie

The movie might look very simple, but there are a lot of things that one will notice if he/she watches it more than once. Arthur was delusional, having said that, to find out what was real and what was Arthur’s imagination in the movie, many people watched the movie twice. Coming to die-hard DC fans, there are people how watched the movie more than twice to prove there fandom.

Phenomenal acting by Joaquin Phoenix

When the movie premiered before its release, the movie’s first reactions were out and critics appreciated Joaquin Phoenix for his acting. Many were sure about Phoenix, winning the Oscar for acting this time. The main reason for Joker’s success is Joaquin Phoenix and nobody can deny it. He didn’t just act the character, he lived it. The emotional connectivity of Joker was established through Phoenix’s performance throughout the movie.

Joker’s fandom

Batman is currently the most famous superhero, Joker being Batman’s archnemesis, both the characters have vital popularity on which DC Comics can depend on. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale was a huge hit because of Heath Ledger who played Joker, it did not end there, Ledger went on to win Oscar for Supporting role. By then the character of Joker became a sensation. Warner Bros. used it to their advantage and made an origin story of Joker and explained why Joker is so wicked.

And that’s how Joker made a $1 billion at the box office making it the most profitable comic book movie ever. Got more reasons that aren’t mentioned here? Leave them in the comments below.

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  • 5.7K
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