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IT Chapter Two Review: Less Scary, More Funny

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  • IT Chapter Two received a rating of 7.4/10 by IMDb and is fresh at 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • The sequel has more story and less horror.

  • Pennywise is back after 27 years to scare the shit out of Derry.

Horror movies are to be seen very differently. The purpose of a scary movie is to make the audience scream in theatres and of course, the story is for later part. IT Chapter Two is more into story of the Loser’s Club and how they get together to fight. Here’s IT Chapter Two Review.

IT Chapter Two Review
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IT Chapter Two has a huge star cast and got bigger in terms of the threat to Derry and Pennywise’s cruelty. But after a point, the story slides its way into monotony.

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27 years have gone by and Derry is into terror again. The Clown is back for children to feed on. After 27 years, he is ready to feed on adults too. All the members of Loser’s Club leave the town, except for Mike(Isaiah Mustafa). He notices the returning of it and calls all the members back. Reminding them of the promise they made to come back if It returns.

IT Chapter Two Review Less Scary More Funny

The first half of the movie is all about gathering the team and remembering all their childhood moments which they forget because they moved out of Derry, yes that’s some kinda magic thing. Then they begin their quest to end the Pennywise circle once and for all, which happens every 27 years.

What’s Good?

Are you intimidated by horrific background sounds and eerie scenes? If yes, you will feel the chills of this movie. IT 2 gets darker and gets deeper into the story. Many unanswered questions are addressed, like why does Pennywise even exist?

Honestly, the movie is a lot of fun than being scary. There are many dialogues that make you laugh, has chucklesome acting. The Losers grow up and they are more into pun then being scared. The genre of the movie is destroyed but in a good way. The adult version of Richie is played by Bill Hader and he nailed it. With him, James Ransone who plays Eddie made the whole film humourous. Loved the way they portrayed the characters.

Stephen King’s stories always have a weird explanation of why things happen the way they happen. The back story of Derry and the missing children is creepy and why Pennywise exists is way creepier. I won’t get into the story, because I might spoil your fun.

IT Chapter Two Review Less Scary More Funny
Pennywise(Bill Skarsgård) has this power to shapeshift into a lot of things, that is a crazy power to possess. The unexpected transformation of Pennywise is unpredictable and fearsome. But most of all forms he transforms into, Clown is the scariest.
There is a cameo appearance of the writer of the story Stephen King in the movie, I cheered when I saw him on screen. He played well. The surprising part is that the cameo role interacts with adult Bill, who is also a writer in the movie.

What’s Bad?

Movie making technology is improved a lot, the originality of fictional characters in the movie is phenomenally great these days. But not in the case of IT Chapter Two. A few scenes had horrible graphics that are worse than the movies from the ’90s. The ghost looked like a toy in most of it. Seemed like the moviemakers didn’t spend enough on graphics or they might have been in a hurry to finish the movie.

More than the present, IT Chapter Two delves in the past, includes all the savagery the team faced when they were kids. Upon visiting specific places in the town, every single person of the team reminds him/herself of the event that happened there and horror is forced into these scenes, wondered why the movie is almost 3 hours?

IT Chapter Two Review Less Scary More Funny

The ending was good, but the way Pennywise ended was boring. Same old chanting and believing in oneself to defeat an enormous monster, the movie lost its gratification.


Yeah, there are ups and down to the movie, Ups being the entertainment part of it, IT 2 will leave you amazed and you’ll take about it after leaving theatres. Downs are the ways movie was made in the first place. The story lost its way with the sequel. Nostalgia was overly stuffed making the second installment not as good as its previous part.

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  • 2.9K
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