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Joker Review: A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves An Oscar

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  • Joker has received a rating of 9.2/10 by IMDb and is fresh at 69% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Honest Joker Review, the movie is rated R, DC movies have moved to another level.

  • Joaquin Phoenix is the man who made the movie extraordinary and he deserves an Oscar for his performance as Joker aka Arthur Fleck.

Joker Movie Review
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While everyone is busy making superhero movies that cheer the audiences, Warner Bros. and DC have made a standalone movie of one of the world’s most famous Villains and their efforts have paid off. Joker is impressive and disturbing at the same time. The man behind this splendid work is Joaquin Phoenix.

People are calling Joker a masterpiece, once in a lifetime movie, movie of the era. Let me make it clear, whatever they are saying, it’s true and Joker indeed is a masterpiece. I am out of words to articulate this review, that’s the reason why I am late in publishing this article. This movie is simple yet complicated in a twisted manner, read this Joker Review.


Batman is the superhero we look up to, to protect Gotham City, we also know how fucked up the city already is. The streets are filled with filthy people, muggers everywhere, the whole city has criminals at every corner. Way back in 1981, there’s no Batman, Bruce Wayne is still a kid back then, his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne were still alive. In this origin story of Joker, Thomas Wayne runs for the Mayor and the city stands on the verge of collapsing, rats spread everywhere that are hard to be killed. Thomas Wayne claims he is the only hope for Gotham City.

On the other side of the world, there’s Arthur Fleck, who’s day job is to be a clown and stand on the street. Now Arthur is a complex human being, he has this disorder, where he is forced to laugh out of nowhere. This special condition leads him to be bullied, trashed, and isolated. Society doesn’t accept him for the way he is. So he stays with his mother who has to be taken care of. His mother, Penny Fleck used to work for Thomas Wayne 30 years ago and to seek help, she writes letters to Thomas for help with money. She knows Thomas is a good person and will definitely help with her situation one day or the other, but things seem to be otherwise.

Arthur Fleck might be laughing due to the special condition, but is he really happy while laughing, no, absolutely not. Not a single day has gone, where he was happy, even his therapist fails in this regard. Gotham City’s funding gets paused and people like Arthur and many more don’t get the treatment they need by the government.

Joker Review A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves an Oscar

As being fired from his day job, he tries to become a stand-up comedian, Arthur Fleck does a set, which dooms in the beginning, but then goes well, until the end. But then, he faces criticism on the television when a clip of his stand up comedy set is played by Murray Franklin, a TV show host. His personal life and his professional life, both go to the drains.

Things are way more fucked then they were. Now Arthur descents into madness, the movie concerns about how a person with special condition and no money, disregarded by the society and the people around him, turns himself into a mastermind criminal with the name Joker.

Joker Review A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves an Oscar

What’s Good?

The good part of the movie is actually the whole movie. Right from the beginning until the end, the story keeps you awaited and attentive. Todd Phillips’s direction is astounding. The whole script wasn’t ready when the production began, this made me feel nervous. But this was the same case with Marvel’s Iron Man. Even that movie’s script wasn’t ready when the production began and the dialogues were written right on the set before shooting the scene. Joker had to go with the same process of scripting and honestly, that when well. The kind of dept that was brought into the movie through the character’s expressions made my day.

The transition of an outcast to becoming Joker is a very tough job to show on a screen. We all know what Joker is in the DC universe. The movie did not make the transition happen though dialogues, ‘I am the Joker now’, no, it didn’t happen that way. It was shown visually. Joaquin Phoenix made that happen in the best way possible. He became skinny, kinda perfect for the role.

Joker Review A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves an Oscar

The other reputed cast gave a good hand in pushing the story forward, Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin, Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond who is Arthur’s love interest and Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck, all of them did a pretty good work on the acting part.

No one knew Joker actually dances, but now with this movie, the clown’s talents are exposed. Joaquin Phoenix turned out to be a very good dancer. I loved his moves and steps. Not forgetting his tone and voice, I mean, his dialogues keep running in my mind like earworms.

Joker Review A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves an Oscar

What’s Bad?

I am not kidding, there are bad parts to the movie, but I adore them no matter what. For the mass audience, this might be the downside of the movie, which I have to mention as a critic and make a transparent Joker Review. Joker is very slow and depressing. The violence in the movie might trigger a few members of the audience. And definitely, this Joker movie is not for children, thus Rated R.

Joker Review A Dark Tale And Joaquin Phoenix Deserves an Oscar

Yes, that kind of pain was necessary to be shown because no normal person transforms into a psychopath or a criminal until he or she has some very troublesome past. Arthur Fleck is a complex character, he is tortured in both physical and mental ways throughout the movie. Ready to see that violence? You gotta watch the movie.


No doubt, Joker is a must-watch movie. This movie deserves Oscar, the acting too, I am gonna cry if Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t win the Academy Award for Best Acting. These kinda movies raise controversies and backlashes, but on a serious note, these kinda movies are the ones that make history. I enjoyed every second of the movie and I am sure you will too.

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