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Money Heist: Part 4 Review

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A Spanish Netflix show produced by Vancouver Media known as La casa de papel is one of the best thrilling web series right now. On April 3, 2020, Part 4 of the show is released and available on Netflix to stream. The show is created by Álex Pina starring popular Spanish actors. The show has made me fall in love with an Italian song called “Bella ciao”. As the records say, Money Heist became the most-watched non-English series by 2018.


After faking the death of Raquel Murillo(Itziar Ituño), Alicia Sierra(Najwa Nimri) gains the upper hand leaving El Profesor(Álvaro Morte) torn apart, he doesn’t know the truth yet. The heist is no more a heist and has become a war. Nairobi(Alba Flores) is shot in the lungs leading the whole gang inside the Bank of Spain into panic and lose control over the heist. When the police try to break inside, missiles are launched on to a tank causing an explosion leaving men on fire. Money Heist: Part 3, the Last Episode ends with a cliff hanger.

Part 4 picks up from where it ended, after hearing the gunshots that he believes killed the love of his life, Professor sheds tears, but that doesn’t stop him from escaping from the police. He begins to negotiate with Colonel Luis Tamayo(Fernando Cayo) and Sierra to send surgeons inside the Bank of Spain. Palermo’s(Rodrigo De la Serna) control over the heist from inside the building is taken over by Tokio, setting him off. Palermo then comes up with his own plans. When everything seems to fall apart, the gang and Professor must come together and take their robbery forward.

What’s Good?

With no spoilers, here are the good things about Money Heist: Part 4. The story gets interesting with every episode. New threats and more obstacles in the way makes the heist more interesting and exhilarating. The stacks are high now, we don’t know how they are going to get out, there are no tunnels to escape like they were in the Royal Mint of Spain. New inspector Sierra, introduced in Part 3 seems to be cruel and merciless. The thing she did to Nairobi made her the most hateful character in the history of television, her plans for Raquel Murillo might collapse the whole plan. Sierra begins to break Raquel slowly, the plot becomes interesting because Professor doesn’t know about Raquel’s fake execution.

Inside the Bank of Spain, everything is up for a toss, all the gang members are fighting each other and are divided, in the times when they have to be together. They point guns at each other and get into arguments, the heist becomes a mess and that’s what we wanted. Slowly as the audience turn impatient and restless, the plot enhances forward with its parallel narration. Showcasing events from the present and past of flashbacks before the heist, Money Heist didn’t disappoint with Part 4.

I love the cuts between flashbacks and present, where Professor is manifested with plans and backup plans for every situation that might occur. The professor is an intellectual and as Tokio says, ‘My Guardian Angel’, he is put to test for his maximum capacity, which he be able to cop up? Tension rises until the end.

To me, the best thing about the whole show is Pedro Alonso who plays Berlin, the big brother of Professor, even though he is dead, the show makers knew he has to be brought back considering his brilliance. Hence they chose to add him through flashbacks and I love that. Pedro Alonso steals the screen every time he gets on. Kudos for his phenomenal acting.

Money Heist Part 4 Review Professor Berlin Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com
Professor & Berlin Wallpaper From UpdateFreak.com

What’s Bad?

If the whole show would have ended after Part 2, it whole have been the best robbery show of all time, but Netflix said, ‘Nah, where’s the fun in that?’, now La casa de papel is the not the best robbery show of all time, it is one of the best, but not “the best”. Why Netflix? Why? Is it necessary for you to ruin shows by extending them even when it is not required?

Part 3 seemed to be forced, yet somehow the plot was convincing. Río(Rodrigo De la Serna) getting caught was so kiddish to the point where I lost interest in the show. Now that we are in Part 4, we have to forget about it and move on, sync into drama and focus on the war that would have not taken place at all if the kid controlled his covet for Tokyo.

Rescuing Rio and robbing the Bank of Spain at the same time seems too overwhelming, Trust me, it does. Even when Rio gets into the Bank which the gang believes to be safe for him, they all cannot get out, WTF?

The whole screenplay slows down for no reason in Part 4. I could not give gaps between episodes of earlier seasons, each one grasped my curiosity. But now, it’s not the same anymore. Tokyo’s narration reveals everything that is going to happen. We even know she is the one narrating, no matter what trouble she gets into, she will come out alive in the end.

Professor’s IT team in Pakistan seems to hack any computer or CCTV camera in the whole of Spain. Not so believable to me. Whenever the Professor wants something to be hacked, he gets it done in seconds. I know they stole €984 million earlier, but the money doesn’t seem to run out like forever. Did they find investors for their new Heist?

The ending of the Money Heist: Part 4 is so ridiculous that I lost interest in the show, but I am supposed to not spoil it. My apologies. As always every season ends with a cliff hanger this season too ended with one. And that is my only reason to watch the upcoming Part 5 of Money Heist.


Thrilling circumstances, high stake shoot outs and a lot of power struggle, will the gang be able to pull off the heist as planned? First of all, what is the goddam plan?

Money Heist: Part 4 is an extension to the second theft that begins the war between the team and police with the people of Madrid on the team’s side wearing Dali masks. New love stories are evolved and old ones are put to test. Melodrama takes up the entire season into chaos. Will Nairobi survive the gunshot? How does the Professor tackle the situation after Raquel is no longer with him? Watch to find out.

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