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Netflix Revenge Review – Bloodbath and Boring

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  • Revenge released on February 7, 2018, is available on Netflix now.

  •  Revenge has 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 81% rating on Metacritic, but only 6.3/10 on IMDb.

  • A thriller story of revenge and bloodbath, starring Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz as the lead.

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Jen with her boyfriend (Kevin Janssens) arrives at a far far away desert for a getaway. Everything seems fine, the two have sex and fun. Until her boyfriend’s two colleagues arrive at the mansion where she stays, loaded with guns and weapons for an unknown hunt. One of the colleagues, Stanley (Vincent Colombe) develops a lust for Jen when she walks around the house in her underwear. Stanley undergoes a strong desire for her when she invites him to dance that night. The next day when Jen’s boyfriend leaves for two hours on work, Stanley utilizes the chance and manages to rape her.

When her boyfriend arrives and knows what happened, Jen requests that she leaves immediately, which her boyfriend disagrees and counters her with an offer to leave to Canada with enough money to prevent him and his friends from going to jail. Jen blackmails, which lead his boyfriend to slap her. Jen abruptly starts running away into the desert, Her boyfriend and the colleagues chase her till she reaches a cliff top, then she is pushed from the cliff.

Jen lands herself on a dead tree, where a tree branch is pierced into her stomach. The rest of the story is how she manages to survive the fall off from the cliff on to a tree branch and take her revenge on her boyfriend and the Rapist.

This movie is so terrifying with blood, OMG! You will be amused to see the bleeding. An average adult body with a weight of 150 to 180 pounds will contain approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters (1.2 to 1.5 gallons) of blood, but in this movie, the characters have from than 10 liters of blood, believe me. Jen loses almost liters of her blood when she escapes from the tree branch after being pushed out of the cliff. The three come down to search for her after they find out she is alive and they follow her blood leak which she leaves back on the land and they follow this blood for like miles (as shown in the movie) and yet Jen is alive and active enough to kill the third person near a lake!

And now we are left with her boyfriend and Stanley. She manages to get into a cave where she removes the branch from her stomach after consuming a drug and what! she crafts a cool drink tin bottle into a sheet. Heats it and places on the wound on her stomach, surprisingly the next morning, a symbol on the tin gets tattooed on her skin, its cool, but how the hell did the wound on her back heal, the branch pierces from her back.


The climax is much more bloodshed, Jen shoots her boyfriend in the stomach and he survives it and runs all over his house spilling out blood on the floor, at a point it’s disgusting, but its thrill-packed. The best part of the movie is the cinematography. every shot is so good, you fall in love with the movie. The screenplay is also appreciatable.

The only problem with the film is its boring. Only four characters and a lot of blood. Well, there are other movies with only 1 character like Buried and 127 hours which are interesting and good. But this movie is quite boring, the story is slow. It’s watchable once for action and adventure lovers.

Revenge Review
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A movie for action and bloodbath lovers. Action and an adventurous movie with a boring plot and disgusting wounds.

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