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Sex Education Review: Netflix’s Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

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I really got bored of Netflix since months for releasing shows that were not up to the mark or boring(to be honest). Found many adult documentaries to enjoy my puberty and soon while scrolling, found a new attention-grabbing show where a teenage girl (Emma Mackey) as it seemed, displaying her middle finger. My fingers didn’t resist to play it. I discovered it wasn’t a sex documentary but a Netflix original series. I binge watched it, which I don’t do unless its worthy enough. Sex Education is very much lit and a lovely (Sexy) show. Not because of its adult content, but its emotional approach. I being a teen enjoyed it. The show is rated 18+ for a reason. The characters are more than relatable and the story is super awesome. Check out this Sex Education Review.

Sex Education Review
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Sex Education is the best Teenage Romantic Comedy of all time, consisting of all ingredients of love, family, friendship, and sex.

  • Story

The series kicks off with a couple having sex and the boy uninterested in sex. When the girl is ready to cum the boy fakes his cum. A wild way to begin a show which will be streamed worldwide. The girl knows he faked it and you know will definitely have an idea of what happens next. Then comes a lovely house featuring the protagonist Otis(Asa Butterfield) who is a teenager but unusual. Let me put it in this way, he is still backward and weird for his age. He’s 16 and is unable to masturbate, he is not ready yet. To make the situation weirder, his mother Jean(Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

What does a sex therapist advice to a teenager, to masturbate enough for avoiding wet dreams? Being in such a situation, Otis pretends that he is jerking off by putting tissues on his bed of with cream applied on them to represent that he masturbated for his mother to believe and believe everything’s normal with his teenage kid, which isn’t at all.

Now Otis has a friend named Eric(Ncuti Gatwa) who is gay. They are good friends and I love the pair. Gosh! I had such a friend, all supportive and worth it. They go to college together on their bikes. Coming to school, it’s really messed up. The show is British based and I got a good idea of Britsh school after the show. Another rebellious and unclear character is Maeve(Emma Mackey), god she is so pretty. Her blonde hair with pink fade is the best thing in the show.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

That’s enough introduction of characters, if I introduce more, you will lose the fun of watching the show. Coming to the crux, Maeve is smart enough to observe that there are sex problems all around the college and she discovers the Otis is good at sex therapy just like his mother. She partners with Otis and starts a clinic at school to solve all sex problems, issues and stuff in return for money, which both share equally.

The irony is Otis has his own sex problems, but he’s really good at solving others issues. In this process, Otis starts to have a crush on Maeve. The rest of the story is how they both run sex therapy clinic at school while dealing with their own problems.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

  • What did I like about Sex Education?

I normally don’t like love stories much, but Sex Education is so connecting, thanks to Netflix for such good work. The character arcs are so touching. Like Maeve is fucking the school head boy and wants to keep it a secret and just sex, nothing beyond, on the other hand, Otis is unable to wank. Both of them, Maeve and Otis reach the cliff many times to fall in love but don’t. Eric, on the other hand, feels ignored when Otis is away with therapy and is bullied by the son of the school principal – Adam(Connor Swindells). Now Adam is a whole new chapter and he is the base of the story. He is a bully because his father is strict and not proud of Adam. This makes Adam getting always screwed.

When everybody is trying to have a partner and have sex, the comedy is built so high dropping a lot of humor and pun to the series. The laughs won’t stop at any cost and then all of a sudden you get emotional, sympathizing for the characters. The music supports very much and it all becomes relatable. The teenage fun with all adolescence problems and struggle for free will.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

Sex Education gave a good take on homosexuality. LGBT is still not encouraged everywhere and most don’t understand it clearly. The show gave the most layered and complex characterization of a gay teen of color (Eric). He has his own problems but as days pass by, he realizes who he really is and what he actually wants to be. His father is afraid of what Eric is and is becoming. Eric and his father’s relationship is what I felt is the theme of the whole.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

Every character had a good part to play taking the story forward in an unexpected and cheesy way. The head boy of the school wants more from Maeve, not just sex. The head boy – Jackson(Kedar Williams-Stirling) is a swimmer and has got a lot of support from his parents to be better. Maeve’s mother is a drug addict and her brother just vanished and there’s no one to support her literacy skills and appreciative her smartness. Maeve thinks she is unfit for Jackson, thus the fiction.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever

The story gets better when Jackson starts to take bits of advice from Otis without the knowledge of Maeve to develop his relationship with her. Come on! Otis loves Maeve and unfortunately his random pieces of advice to Jackson start to work. What more can make a protagonist’s role more interesting.

  • Overall

An adult Brtish Web Television Series, sadly – targeting teens. A binge-worthy show meeting all requirements of a romantic comedy. Sex Education is way more than a show and the education it holds is more than just sex and romance. A must watch for probably for all those who are 18+. The depth in the show much be endured and discovered, The season 1 has touched the sky and started off Netflix’s and its viewers’ 2019 in a stupendous way. Season 2 is all I can think about, right now.

Sex Education Review: Netflix's Best Teenage Rom-Com Ever


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