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Simple Tricks on How To Make Money on YouTube as a Beginner

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As a beginner, every step you take counts, you need to be wise and careful. This article has secrets that will tell you how to make money on YouTube as a beginner. YouTube is a great platform to make money, if you’re passionate and interested in YouTube, go for it. This article has everything you need to know if you are a beginner on YouTube or about to make future on YouTube.

First, let me get this straight, YouTube doesn’t pay you according to the views your video earns, no! come out of this illusion. For your information, you’ll see ads before a video is played on YouTube. These ads make money, how? If somebody watches the advertisement completely without clicking skip ad or if viewer clicks on the advertisement to know more about it, then YouTube pays money through ad sense.

Now you might be enlightened or you might have known this information before itself. No problem with that, but the eligibility to make money on YouTube is, you need to have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months.

That’s a big number!

Don’t worry, we are here to help you reach the eligibility and make money faster as a beginner from YouTube. Here are few important tips you need to follow to make money on YouTube as a beginner:

  1. Find your Niche

Niche is a specific set of the population that is interested in the same idea, product, place, service. To be simple, a group of people with common interest. Now discover your niche, whom are you going to target. Be specific and narrow. Don’t target a wide group of audience for more views, you might fail. Instead, target a small niche and you’ll earn more videos and that’s a fact. If you’re specific enough you’ll make good videos because it’s going to be simple and easy to do, find your interest and follow your passion to succeed.

  1. Make creative and great content

Ask yourself a question, how is your channel different from other YouTube channels. If you come up with an answer, that means you are creative. Come up with unique ideas for your videos and content. Make awesome content which your viewers will like and likely share. Win your audience attention. Content is always the king.

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  1. Make the most out of video title, description, tags, and thumbnail

While 50% is making the video, the other 50% is these things. You need to use every opportunity YouTube gives to grow your channel.

  1. Video title: Use attractive and attention-grabbing titles for your videos, use all keywords in your video title which will help in your YouTube SEO.
  2. Description: Write a good description for your video, keep it short and sweet, nobody has time to read your long text. Put all your social media links here to help your audience reach you on other platforms
  3. Tags: Insert all tags related to your video, this will put your video on YouTube search. Don’t leave any tag that’s important for your video to rank on top of the YouTube search.
  4. Thumbnail: Customize your video thumbnail, don’t use that thumbnail which YouTube recommends from your video. Add text to your thumbnail. Your image must be clear and with the required resolution.

  1. Ask viewers to subscribe

At the end of every video, ask viewers to subscribe, the best way to increase subscribers to your channel. Use end screens in the end. You can even ask your viewers to subscribe at the beginning of the video, it will leave an impact. If they like the video they will surely subscribe, which in return will allow you to make money on YouTube as a beginner.

  1. Use necessary tools to make money on YouTube as a beginner

There are tools that help your channel to grow quickly. Our most recommended tool is Tubebuddy.

This is the best tool for optimizing your video tags, SEO management of your channel, helps in ranking higher in searches and also helps in the bulk editing of your videos.

Check here to check out more about Tubebuddy

  1. Focus on audience, not monetization

This point might be contradictory but that’s what you need to do. You cannot monetize until you reach certain subscribers and watch time. First focus on building an audience. When you are ready with your YouTube idea or content that you will be making on YouTube, find out your audience, this will help you to make money on YouTube as a beginner.

For example, if your making videos about gaming, your age group will be 10-24, now choose the gender you want to target, mostly male (obviously). Now you know who your audience is going to be, reach them in every possible way.

  1. Expand your presence on social media

As a beginner, you need to be present on social media platforms where you will find your audience. Your presence will help you promote your videos and reach many people. Go to social sites with which you are familiar enough, most recommended are Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest. These platforms will help you in expanding your video presences and reach. Your audience will exist in all of these sites, take advantage of that.

  1. Be consistent

To reach the eligibility for monetization and make money on YouTube as a beginner, the key is consistency. Engage your viewers and audience. Keep them occupied, upload videos at regular intervals. You’ll know when to upload your videos. But don’t give long time gaps. The minimum rate of uploading videos is a video per week. You can upload more, but not less.

  1. Give your time

To make money on YouTube as a beginner, all that your channel needs from you is time. Be dedicated towards your work, give a lot of time for your videos until you feel it’s perfect. Spend time on promoting your videos on social media. Take response from your viewers, know what they feel about your video. Make a schedule and keep up to it.

  1. Keep improving

Do not ignore your viewer’s response. Take their suggestions and work on them. Keep getting improved with each video. Unlock all your chances of beginning better. Make fewer mistakes and learn from your mistakes. The point is, there will be other channels or videos that target your audience or might even have the same content as yours, you need to be the best among them, getting improved helps you achieve that.

  1. Watch a lot of videos

When you are a beginner, you need to have an idea of what’s happening around. Go through videos of your competitors and gain an idea. Note: DO not copy content, be original and creative. Coping content will only lead to failure. While watching other videos grab the knowledge and techniques from them, see how the videos are made, what all equipment is used behind.


You need to give everything you have till you succeed in achieving 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. This is your milestone to start earning on YouTube and achieving is a cake walk, when you follow all of the above guidelines. We have other articles too that will help you with YouTube, Check them out:

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