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Proven Tips on How To Start A Successful YouTube channel & become a YouTuber

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If you are planning to start a successful YouTube Channel or if you already have started it, take a moment and feel lucky because you are doing a right thing to build your career. There are thousands of YouTubers who are earning millions and they have few things in common, one of those is their start was perfect.

  • This article has all tips to start a successful YouTube channel.

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YouTube allows you to become your own boss and gives you complete freedom to do stuff you like and love. If your intention is to make money from YouTube, you are at right place because we have all tips and tricks to unlock huge cash from your YouTube channel.

Before you begin

Before you go down to read more, keep this in mind, becoming a YouTuber or Start a successful YouTube Channel is no a cake walk. You need to have a real motive and strong will before you begin.

To start a successful YouTube channel, you need to take a few major steps that will help the channel gain quick popularity and grow faster. Following are the most important steps and guidelines to become a professional YouTuber, follow them and success is on your way.

Know what’s your channel, going to be about?

Your YouTube channel should have a purpose, this purpose should be very specific and clear. Your interest plays a major role here, if you are interested in watching movies, then you can watch them and make a review video. If you are a gamer, make videos about gaming. The content of your channel is what matters the most. If you are confused about, what content you need to choose for the channel, go through this steps:

  1. Research: Know what things are being uploaded daily. You will discover a lot. Check all top channels, channels that are popular in your area. You will find something that will interest you.
  2. Play with trends: At every point in time, there will be something or some content that will be popular and will always stay on top for certain period of time. It will help your channel gain popularity very quickly.
  3. Take public opinion: Ask people, your friends, and family, relative, influential people around for what they like watching on YouTube, they will tell you in person, what they like to watch. This gives you a clear idea.

You might find this useful:

Know your audience

After figuring out about the content you’d like to go with, sit down and write all the target groups who will, might and should watch your content. For example, let’s say you are making videos about photography, where you will be teaching people – how to photograph and use a camera, your target groups will be:

  • aspiring photographers
  • existing photographers (to recommend your content)
  • photography institutions or teachers (to use your video for teaching purpose)

And many more groups.

These people are the ones who will actually need and will watch your video if your content is about photography. Now that you have your audience ready, you’ll know what they need next and where to promote your video and you will have the right perspective of your viewers, which will help you while making your videos.

Choose a catchy channel name

Your Channel’s name defines your channel, come up with your own and unique name that will help your channel to be reachable. Brainstorm a couple of names that you like and search them on YouTube, if there is no other channel with the similar name of yours then choose it. Here are few tips for you.

  1. Be crazy with your name: Come up with such a name that will grab viewers or your audience attention.
  2. Think out of the box: There are millions of words, you need to explore and search for those words which define your channel, check out synonyms, they might help.
  3. Keep it short: The shorter the name, the more easily it is to be remembered. This helps the viewers to keep the channel name in mind.
  4. Make it readable: Don’t mix up names or languages, which will make it difficult to read or spell.
  5. Don’t add numbers: Seriously don’t. This makes your channel unprofessional.

Make your own channel art

While creating a channel, YouTube offers a few channel arts that are readymade for you to use. Don’t use them. Make your own channel art that will represent your channel.

  1. Put your logo on it: If you have come up with any logo or any unique symbol for your channel put it on channel art.
  2. Use High-resolution picture: Your channel art’s minimum size should be 2560 x 1440 pixels. Use high definition for greater clarity.
  3. Ask your visitors to subscribe: Use a subscribe png button on the Channel, asking those visitors who visit your channel to subscribe.
  4. Insert social media icons: If you are on any other social media platforms and you should be, then place those respective social media icons on the channel art, which will give your visitors the needed knowledge about your social media presence.
  5. Your channel art will look different on each device: This is the tricky part, you must make an image which looks perfect on every device. Make necessary adjustments till it feels right for you.

Gather YouTube equipment

YouTube is an industry now, and to kame your content professional, you need to have proper equipment that will allow your result to look neat and perfect. When you know your content, your equipment is very easy to choose. Equipment will off course cost you, but the cost ranges, depending upon your content. Sometimes it’s possible that it will cost you nothing, so choosing your content will also depend on this factor of affordability. The minimum required equipment are listed below.

  1. Computer or laptop (Obviously)
  2. Editing software

Check out professional equpiment for YouTube from Amazon

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Use tools that help

There are many things you need to take care of while managing a channel. So our recommended tool is Tubebuddy.

Because Tubebuddy helps in optimizing your video tags, ranking higher in search, video SEO, Bulk Updating your Videos and many more. This will reduce your burden and help you work on your content.

Check out Tubebuddy here – Tubebuddy

There are other tools too, like –

  • vidIQ
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Keywordtool.io

Create mind-blowing channel trailer

For a movie, more than 50% of its audiences are influenced to watch the movie by its trailer and its same for a channel, the trailer will enhance your channel experience. Make a video which will completely describe your channel, use your creativity and talent. The video should be less than 4 minutes. Don’t complicate your procedure, instead, use simple ways to make the video and remember this should be your first video for the channel.

Expand your presence to Social media platforms

This is what most of the YouTubers don’t do and miss out on their chances of going viral. Ensure you make an account on various social media platforms you are familiar with and integrate it with your YouTube channel. Most preferred are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. After every video, you must share it on these platforms.

Here’s a fact, after a certain period of time, you will understand which platform you should more focus on, you will not see results as you imagined on all the social media platforms, but most of the times, one of the social site will work better for you when compared it to the others, focus more on that one. Spend a bit more time on that platform and promote all other platforms on this one.

Never Copy

The secret behind every successful YouTuber is, they were unique in their own way. Make your own content. Millions of videos are copied, many of them are downloaded and re-uploaded, but remember, for your video to be monetized, YouTube needs your content to be new and uncopied. If you copy it from anywhere, copyright claims will run your way, making you video ineligible for monetization.

Use non-copyright music in your video and shoot the required video you need but don’t use content that is made by somebody else.

Make Most out of description and Tags

Description and tags are the spinal cord of your video. They help the video at maximum. Write needed things in the description of the video and also about the channel. Provide all the links to your social media accounts for the viewers to reach. Keep it simple and helpful

Tags: This is not a simple thing, if you need views and want to make your video viral, then put the necessary tags in your video, Tag limit is 500 words, and you need to fill the tags with 499 words with all required and related tags. This will help you very much, Keep this in mind. Go with all tags that are related to the video. For example, if you’re uploading a video about Avengers, then use tags like Marvel, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, all the names of the actors in the movie. Don’t miss any tag that will help your video to gain views.

Customize thumbnail

Thumbnails are the first impressions to your video, customize it, put your whole video in the picture. Thumbnails play a major role on YouTube, customize it as much as possible. Here are a few tips.

  1. Add text: The title of the video can be turned into a question or an attention-grabbing statement, convert it and place it on your thumbnail.
  2. Use good image: Don’t use a quality less image form your video, come up with an image especially for a thumbnail with good quality, because it’s worth it.

Be Consistent

It’s not like, let me make a video and wait until it’s popular and then I’ll make another video. You need to upload a video at a regular basis, usually 1 video a week till you have grown enough. Make videos at regular intervals and upload them. Don’t give long breaks which will drop your stats. Plan accordingly for the next video while making the present video, this will keep your subscribers engaged.

Don’t let your subscribers or audience feel bored about your channel. Make interesting content, being consistent will help you achieve that, it keeps your mind awake and creative.

Give everything you have till you achieve 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time

Many YouTubers give up before they achieve the required amount of subscribers for monetization eligibility and few YouTubers upload content and leave it, by the time they achieve 1000 subscribers, the interest in them drains. The point is you need to give some time and endless effort. The most valuable thing that you need to offer for YouTube channel is your time.

Frankly, it takes time. For a few, it takes years and the other few it takes months if you’re lucky enough you might take just days to achieve 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time.

Finally, never give up

The last thing you should never forget is, whatever struggles you face in the process, never give up on your dream. Don’t work for results, work because you love doing it. Keep yourself motivated. If you follow all these simple steps as described – congratulations you are going to become a successful YouTuber and you can thank us later.

These were few tips to start a successful YouTube channel, check out our other article that will surely help you in your YouTube career. As you have learned how to start a successful YouTube channel, make the necessary changes on your YouTube Channel if you have already started it.

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