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The Lion King Review: A Dramatic Remake

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Check out The Lion King Review, in theatres now.

  • The Lion King has received a rating of 7/10 by IMDb and is fresh art 55% by Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Another movie directed by Jon Favreau is fabulous and visually stunning.

  • The movie is good in its own way but lacks entertainment as the original cartoon predecessor.

Animals have fascinated us from the beginning of our childhood and now its time to celebrate it again. We have been humbled about animals talking and expressing themselves like the Panchatantra stories, now with over million dollars of money invested, we get to see a film with new technology that has used the artificial presence of animals that talk and express themselves in a human way.

The Lion King Review
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The Lion King is an extraordinary live-action movie, bringing new technology that is significant and staggering. The story is, of course, the same and the old one.

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Simba(Donald Glover), a newborn lion has to learn about the kingdom of his father, Mustafa(James Earl Jones), who has ruled his jungle kingdom in peace and prosperity. All the animals in the kingdom acknowledge Mustafa’s rule except his brother Scar(Chiwetel Ejiofor), who wanted the kingdom for himself. Scar manipulates Simba and Mustafa and lays a trap which collapses the rule and a new reign begins of Scar, a violent one, where hunting is overdone and many animals are left in danger.

Simba must learn to fight and rule like his father and defeat Scar and his army of hungry hyena’s.

The Lion King Review A Dramatic Remake

What’s Bad?

The story was short, isn’t it? Because it really is. The cartoon movie which was released in 1994 was a hit and Disney had its stand. Back then, Disney released many other animations that stood the ground and were successful. Now in modern times, when new visual technology hit the market, Disney has all the money to use it in its movies. But they are not using the same money on building new stories, but simply bring back the hit ones from the past and are remaking them.

The Lion King Review A Dramatic Remake

There are many kids who have not seen the cartoon versions and for them, these remakes will be a fun ride. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Jungle Book and quite a lot are remade which are only for the new generation to watch. Not the grown ones who have enjoyed the cartoons already.

All the animals on the screen looked original because they had to. The story of Jungle Book is much more fascinating than this, but The Lion King had its own fun. Jungle Book had a human in it, Mowgli was the only character in that whole movie who could express emotions other than fear, anger, and happiness. In reality, animals cannot express emotions as human do. The Lion King has this as an obstacle, there was no human in the story, emotions in the cartoon movie are doable, but this new movie which had to look very original missed on the expressions of the characters.

What’s Good?

Enough of the negativity. In spite of this new Lion King not being as good as the original one, I still like it. I loved the movie and its pace. The story starts slowly with its signature background music, Circle of Life/Nats’ Ingonyama by Lindiwe Mkhize & Lebo M., that’s when you’ll sink into the movie. The music department of the movie did an impressive job. The music directors, Elton JohnHans Zimmer are to be given credit here. It’s a Disney movie, the hype of music is high and the movie reached its expectations. My favorite one is Hakuna Matata made by Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, JD McCrary & Donald Glover. Not to forget, Beyoncé is the female lead.

The Lion King Review A Dramatic Remake

The movie is a new leap into photorealistic computer animation. The realism was seen in the movie. Jon Favreau and his team have been working on the movie for almost three years since The Jungle Book, the filmmakers were able to combine VR advancements and camera technology to bring out a new VR-simulated environment. This is what the director said,

That was actually one of the big differences between Jungle Book. With Jungle Book, we were using the same facial-capture technology developed since Avatar. But towards the end of Jungle Book, there was a slew of consumer-based VR products that were hitting the scene.

The circle of life was well addressed, the guffaw humor of the movie begin when Timon(Billy Eichner) and Pumbaa(Seth Rogen) enter the story. The hilarious attitude of both friends was quite adorable.


This is what I said with Disney’s new Aladdin and the same goes for the Lion King. The movie targets children and it won’t disappoint them. If you are a teenager wanna experience a new and crisp live-action movie, The Lion King is a go. If you have watched the cartoon version and forgot about it, you must watch this one.

But, if you intend to compare the movie with its original one, please don’t watch the movie. The fun is a bit low unlike the cartoon version, but the new photorealistic animation is worth the watch.


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  • 10.5K
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