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The Suicide Squad Review: Thanks To James Gunn, It Worked This Time

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  • DC has another winner, The Suicide Squad managed to be miles better than 2016’s one.
  • James Gunn getting fired by Disney resulted in him making a brillant movie for Warner Brothers.
  • This movie is totally a reboot and doesn’t rely on the earlier movie in anyway.
The Suicide Squad Review
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After succeeding with The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise at Marvel, James Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad helped in bringing back the life of the franchise. With so much blood and so much entertainment, this DCEU movie is euphoria for fans.

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I feel really good when DC Extended Universe gets a movie that’s good. I am both a Marvel fan and a DC fan. But the way DCEU disappointed fans in the past is disheartening. I just want DC movies to be better because DC comics are amazing, it would be great if Warner Bros. manages the DC universe like how Disney manages Marvel. And now, joining hands with James Gunn has benefited the franchise and I’m happy.


This is tough. This review has to be spoiler-free, so I will not be getting into much details about the story, just a bird’s-eye view of the plot.

The American government sends a team of crazy supervillains to the island of Corto Maltese. The team has to destroy Jötunheim, which is a lab cum prison from the Nazi era. Like in the first part, Amanda Waller(Viola Davis) runs the operation from her office and Rick Flag(Joel Kinnaman) supervises the team on the field.

With many new characters, the Suicide Squad aka Task Force in the movie have to defeat the bad guys in order to stay alive.

The Suicide Squad Review Thanks To James Gunn It Worked This Time Image From UpdateFreak.com The Suicide Squad 4K Wallpaper
The Suicide Squad Wallpaper

What’s Good?


I did not spoil a thing, at least I hope. There are so many new characters in this film and if I talk about only a few, you will know who will survive and who won’t. I am in a bit of a pickle…

So I will only talk about the supervillains who I loved the most. My favourite of them all is Ratcatcher 2(Daniela Melchior). She is so chill, she drives the mood of the movie. Deadshot’s replacement, Bloodsport(Idris Elba) leads the movie. Will Smith couldn’t be a part of this because of scheduling conflicts and that did not affect the story at all.

Characters like Peacemaker(John Cena), King Shark(voiced by Sylvester Stallone) and Polka-Dot Man(David Dastmalchian) support the plot in a necessary way. But the G.O.A.T. always remains a G.O.A.T., I am talking about Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie). I think The Suicide Squad features the best version of Harley Quinn yet. Not the 2016’s Suicide Squad and not Birds of Prey, but it was in this movie I saw Harley in her best form. You see how important it is to have a good director to make a great movie where characters attain their best selves.

The Suicide Squad Review Thanks To James Gunn It Worked This Time Image From UpdateFreak.com Harley Quinn Wallpaper
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

The story is structured well with the right tone and the right changes from the previous movie. People complained about the first movie being too boring, a lot of cliches and terrible Joker. This movie corrected those mistakes by helping the audience develop a connection with the characters that make it easy to root for them.

The visuals are stunning, a lot of creative elements are embedded into cinematography, editing, action sequences and the direction contributed the most. It’s all James Gunn’s efforts.

This is an R-rated movie and I assumed there’s going to be some harsh language and that’s all. To my horror, I got to witness so much blood and violence, I had fun.

What’s bad?

The movie starts on a high note and ends on a high note too. Act 1 and Act 3 are perfect, however, the middle is slow. The pace of the movie is too gentle in Act 2. But I won’t complain about it because all the main characters got enough screen time to express themselves. No main character existed for the sake of existing. Character arcs were complete making the slow pacing worth it.

This is a comic book movie, so we don’t have to expect much from the bad guys/antagonists, they are evil because they are evil, no questions asked. Though The Suicide Squad has a typical comic book villain, the journey of its heroes makes it up for the entire story.


After Wonder Woman 1984’s horrific failure to lift up DCEU, it is The Suicide Squad that gives hope for the franchise. I am not sure about the revival of Synderverse but if James Gunn continues to contribute to the franchise as he did with this movie, I am sure DC movies will turn out to be awesome.

The Suicide Squad is a must-watch for DC fans, it is indeed time to celebrate a victory, the movie is cheerful, emotional, witty and gruesome. I am sure you will enjoy it.

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