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The Witcher Review: It’s Magical and Monstrous

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  • The Witcher is an adaption of novel series written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

  • Netflix’s The Witcher season one has 8 episodes that cover the first book, The Last Wish.

  • Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan play lead roles. The show is created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

Quite the hype, Netflix is nowhere stopping to go big and epic. The Witcher is a Historical period drama about monsters, magic, and war. A lot of action and magic included, the series explores how humans are evil and disastrous.

The Witcher Review
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Henry Cavill’s The Witcher is a great show Netflix managed to make. For more mystical than expected and a rejoice for fans who are into The Witcher games and books.

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The whole story is about a Witcher(as the name suggests), a powerful sorceress named Yennefer of Vengerberg and young Princess Cirilla. Each of these characters, hold a different past and different story.

Geralt of Rivia(Henry Cavill), a witcher who hunts monsters for money, possesses magical powers that help in capturing and fighting beasts. Geralt is not a witcher by choice. He is hated by humans and is as famous as his tales of monster hunting.

Yennefer of Vengerberg(Anya Chalotra) is a hunchbacked girl and is traded from her father for money by a rectoress of Aretuza. She is trained to become a sorceress and be a mage in one of the kingdoms on the continent.

Princess Cirilla(Freya Allan) is a young girl, whose parents die. Her grandmother Queen Calanthe(Jodhi May) is called the Lioness of Cintra. Kingdom Cintra gets defeated by the Nilfgaardian army and the Lioness orders Cirilla to find Geralt of Rivia who is her only savior and hope.

What’s Good?

Comparing is not the right thing to do, but sometimes that’s what tells where anything stands. Is The Witcher going to be as good and big as Game of Thrones(Forget the last season)?

The Witcher is only in its first season, it’s new and not correct to be compared yet. The drama that takes place from the beginning gets to the nerve. The flaws every character has makes it more fascinating. Andrzej Sapkowski is a world-famous author and his stories are read worldwide. Millions of copies were sold and are still in the sale of his novel series. There is no problem with the story or plot. The actual point that has to be discussed is, how does the show use the book material and is this Netflix show as good as the books?

Season one of The Witcher is merely an introduction to the universe of magic. Everything the show touched in its first season is magic, even though it’s not real, it’s riveting. The pace starts slow and gets interesting only after episode 4 where lush is pinched.

Henry Cavill’s thick voice in the show is very intriguing, his accent needs a mention. Geralt speaks in the Rivian accent which is a bit strange to hear. The actor spoke about it in an interview with The Wrap,

“Mythology-wise, there are a lot of changes from the books and there is only so much that can be done. And for me, as a performer in the show, it was my job to bring my performance and everyone else was allowed to bring their performances, separately. Yes, there is in the books, certainly, a Rivian accent.

Cavill went to explain how he came up with the accent for the character,

You look at England for example, there is a vast variety of regional accents across a very, very small space and actually the Continent would be something very similar. So for me, it wasn’t necessarily about giving Geralt a specific accent which was different from everyone else, because that would be impossible because there are a lot of English accents and eventually you’re gonna run into someone who has a similar accent because they are trying something different. So for me, it was about bringing a voice to Geralt which was expressing the essence of who he is in the books and bringing that to the space in the format that was allowed within the show.

Even though Geralt speaks very less and is immune to emotions most of the time, he does steal the scene with dialogues the keep repeating in one’s head like earworms. Yennefer is another character that brought light and beauty to the show. Anya Chalotra, the actress who plays the role was unbelievable with the body transformation that she had to go through for the role. This review is spoiler-free and I am not supposed to write anything further about it. But the acting was amazing.

1The Witcher Review Its Magical and Monstrous

Books mention a lot about character appearances, let that be the dress they wear, skin complexion, hair color and most importantly, the color of eyes. The detailing of the eyes was impressive. Geralt has cat-like yellow eyes derived from books, his looks match the ones in the books. In the same manner, Yennefer as purple eyes and Princess Cirilla(Ciri) has green eyes. The show needs to be appreciated for keeping it that way all through and I love it.

What’s Bad?

Did you notice the dragons in Game of Thrones? They seemed very real and part of that universe. The Witcher includes a lot of mythical creatures, monsters, beasts, and whatnot. They seemed unreal and cartoonish. I don’t know if it was just bad graphics and stupid visual effects. All the beasts looked like they were pulled directly from video games. I am upset with such a hilarious quality of VFX.

The show gets slow where it needs to be fast and gets fast where it needs to be slow. The War doesn’t have any interesting elements, it’s just soldiers running into each other, cutting throats off. I don’t know if it was more realistic or less dramatic. Henry Cavill manages to pull action and sword sequences better. But sometimes his sword doesn’t even touch the opponent, but a Squishy sound is played while blood spills all over.

2The Witcher Review Its Magical and Monstrous

The timeline of the individual character’s story is messed up and doesn’t make any sense until you are into a couple of episodes. You will need time to heed, until then its just boredom.


A melodrama that will leave you captivated once you get onto the story of a hunter who is destined to other people. A lot of magic which is more than enough to make you believe the reality and misery of humankind. The whole show is not about Geralt, but also about Cirilla and Yennefer who have to unite with the Witcher and face the world that is way more dangerous than expected.

each episode has an adventure of its own that nears Witcher to his destiny. He travels with Jaskier(Joey Batey) who is a singer that sings great about Geralt and adds music to the show.

  • Is it horrific?


At least is it thrilling?

Yes, a bit.

  • Does it have romance and adult stuff?

Not enough.

The show did not make me cry at all except for the last scene of the season.

The Witcher is streaming on Netflix and its already renewed for season 2 even before it was released. From more updates about the upcoming seasons of The Witcher and other Netflix shows, Follow Update Freak on Instagram and Facebook.


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