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Top 100 ideas for YouTube to make money for beginners ([month] [year])

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A lot of people don’t have an idea about doing what on YouTube if your part of them don’t worry it happens, out of thousands of ideas of doing stuff on YouTube we have gathered right and perfect ideas for YouTube, that will help you grow your YouTube channel.

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These ideas are handpicked just for you to know what all can be done on YouTube to make money. Here’s a piece of advice, focus on only of the idea, make videos on Your channel that are based on a theme, let that be photography, reviews, unboxing, but done only one idea. That will help you figure out your set of audience which in return will help you in excelling your Niche market.

Review related ideas for YouTube

  1. Make a video on movie reviews

There are a number of movies that you can watch and review, you have upcoming movies too, 1 movie = 1 video. If you go with movie reviews, you have ready-made content for your future videos and what’s really your work, watching movies, what else is more fun than this?

  1. Read a book and review it

If you are a bookworm, then this is the perfect idea for your YouTube channel. Reading books and expressing your opinions on it, mentioning critics and the good things about them.

  1. Review television shows

Just like movies, TV shows are very much anticipated and watched all over the world. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Watch any TV series and review it. The only difference occurs between TV show review and movie review is, you need to sit for a long time to review a TV show, but take my word, it’s worth a shot.

  1. Use a gadget and review it

Another big industry on YouTube. Most of the people visit YouTube for reviews and opinions on products before buying them. This will really suit you if you are a Tech Freak. All you need to do is, express your point of view in a video.

  1. Attend events to make a video about it

Another cool job, just attend music concerts and all other events around you. Make a video about it. People love to hear about what happened at such gatherings.

  1. Comment on songs you listen

Listening songs is a natural habit, now make most out of it. Hundreds of songs being released every month, listen and make a video about it.

  1. Make a video on toys

Isn’t it crazy? Kids on YouTube earn millions, by just making videos on toys. They literally play with them in the video which earns millions of views, why? Because everybody loves toys and no one can resist watching kids playing with them.

  1. Try Reaction videos

Sit on a computer, start recording yourself while watching a newly released video or a trailer or any other stuff on the internet, react well and crazy while getting recorded, that’s it. Your reaction video is done. This kinda video are doing rounds and are very popular on YouTube.

Tutorial related ideas for YouTube

  1. Videos on – How to

People not only come to YouTube to watch videos and enjoy, they even come of answers, if you can solve them, that would be great. Explain how to do a thing which you know in a video with good quality.

  1. be a Mentor

Become a mentor, you might be good at something, which will be great if you teach it on YouTube. This something can even be your profession. For example, marketing, sports, etc.

  1. Help people by becoming life guide

This needs no special abilities, making videos pertaining to certain issues or problems like, how to make money, developing relationships, making friends, scoring good grades and many more.

  1. Cook recipes and recording it

Chef these days has a new way of career, YouTube can make a chef into personality. If you are good at cooking, don’t hesitate to make a video about your unique and new recipes, such videos gain popularity faster.

  1. Teach software

Being good at using software really helps here. All the technical issues a normal person faces need a solution and your video can be a perfect way to help that person. Majority of the population learns technology through the internet and that’s an advantage.

  1. App assistance

Millions of apps and lot of content to dive in. Help viewers in using the features on the app. All other hidden things that one needs to uncover in an app and solve their difficulty.

  1. Teach subject

This idea is specifically for teachers and professors, students all around the world need help understanding concepts. Your teaching can help thousands or even millions regarding education.

  1. How to take care of a pet

Everybody loves to have pets, but not everybody knows who to maintain or groom them. Make videos helping pet owners with potty training, teaching discipline and all other pet stuff.

  1. Video on money management

Not all on earth have an MBA degree. Those who don’t know who to control their money, need ampule amount of help, if you know how to, congratulations, you are about to about gain millions of views. Make videos on how to spend money and how to earn it faster.

  1. Help with website development

With the increase in popularity of blogging comes the demand for web developing. Professional assistance for web development is a good niche to try if you are familiar with.

  1. Fitness & health

When you look at fitness on the internet, you look at million dollar business. Millions and millions of searches on fitness. Make videos displaying experiences, workouts, proper diet to follow and gym training.

  1. Explore fashion

Many YouTube channels proved this idea as a great one for earning money. Make videos on latest fashion and trends, discuss everything that’s trendy and become an affiliate marketer.

  1. Teach sports

Sports mentorship feels right for many reasons, many couches set up an online presence when they found out the advantage and this could be a great industry too. Teach football, basketball baseball, cricket and what not. You could help somebody to become a sports star.

Talent related ideas for YouTube

  1. Sing a song

Most popular profession on the internet is singing, top celebrities on the internet are the singers. If you are good at singing this is what you need to do. Make a video in which you sing your original song.

  1. Shoot a music video

Try making a music video with an original song of yours or any of your friends (don’t copy or use which isn’t yours).

  1. Make a short film

Aspiring filmmakers need to do this. Making shot films and uploading them on YouTube is like a resume to become a filmmaker and movie director. Write a good script and start off shooting the film, keep it short and sweet.

  1. Make documentary videos

Pick a topic, incident anything that matters, research all the related information make a documentary video, keep it simple.

  1. Do crazy photography

Passion is all that need to become YouTuber. Knowing all technical photography skills will help your videos to be good and shareable. Make a video featuring your crazy photography experiments or you can even teach photography.

  1. Dance and record

After singing, its dance, it is also a trendsetter on youtube, there are hundreds of dances forms to go after. All you need is music and camera.

  1. Singing covers of other songs

Pick popular songs, add your own music and sing in your own style. It will work. Be quick enough, don’t wait for a song to become popular, follow your instinct and go with songs that are going to become popular.

  1. Become a DJ

All you need is music sense, that’s it. Remix songs, add beats and base. Ensure its rhythmic, if it is, you’re a DJ by now. Now make it into a video and upload.

  1. Motivational speeches

Motivational speeches need good language and influential power, that’s all needed. Write and make motivational speeches that can motivate millions and billions. This will turn you into a personality.

  1. Motivational videos

Motivational videos are different from motivational speeches, they don’t involve speech or lecture. The video is made with images and videos using titles that inspire visually. If you’re not good at speeches try this.

  1. Perform Magic

Who doesn’t love magic? Learn magic and make videos. Surprise viewers.

  1. Perform science experiment

Being a science geek will help you here. Search your textbooks and come up with crazy science experiments. Don’t forget to be careful while experimenting.

  1. Discuss Health advises and remedies

Before visiting a doctor, patients look on the internet for cures and remedies, you might not be a professional health advisor, but make videos that are legitimate and will help the viewer in some way. For example, how to keep your house clean all time, how to avoid mosquito bites, how to stay healthy.

  1. Provide beauty remedies

Women go crazy about beauty remedies. Make videos about beauty and how to maintain and improve it. Make videos like – how to use lemon to keep your face clean, essential uses of Aloe Vera to maintain facial beauty.

  1. Make a video on crafts and arts

Got creative hands, use them to make videos on YouTube, record while you’re painting something. Show how to make craft items, even origami works.

  1. Show off your skill

Every person is born with a unique skill or talent. No excuses here. Perform that skill and record it.

  1. Try Animation

You need to know, how to animate, if you know, make videos on YouTube, put your imagination to work. Time taking process, but worth it.

  1. Discuss news

Stay trendy, make videos on news, that is not popular or known to everybody yet, be quick and make a video with attractive titles.

  1. Create web TV series

With all the equipment you have, call your crew and work on a script. Make budget-friendly web series.

  1. Discuss movies\TV shows in depth

TV show doesn’t end with season 1 or 2. Between every season you get enough time to dig and make a video about the upcoming season, discuss theories and updates about the coming season. Same applies to movies.

  1. Start a show

Not an easy task. Shows like a talk show, stand-up comedy, open mic, etc. will work on YouTube all that’s needed is your time and budget.

Tops and best list related ideas for YouTube

  1. Top movies list

Movies are the make the most content on YouTube, make a list of top movies of the month, use one genre for each video.

  1. Top songs list

Same as the movies list, but gather lot more songs, check billboard and Spotify at regular intervals.

  1. Top sports and teams list

Every country has its own league conducted and hundreds of leagues, trophies held every week. Depends on how much you are aware of these. USe the information and make videos.

  1. Top TV show list

Make videos on shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, even YouTube, don’t forget Television.

  1. Top richest person list

A topic that’s most searched on the internet, this gets updated frequently.

  1. Top gadgets list

Cover all gadgets and with every new product release, you’ll have content ready at your feet.

  1. Top anything list

Now, you need to find out what interests you the most and what will work perfectly with your target audience. Make tops list of your choice.

  1. Best phones to buy list

Compare features, specifications, prices of newly released mobiles and make a list of best phones to recommend to your viewers, become an affiliate and lead your viewers to sales and make money.

  1. Best cameras list

If you’re going with photography idea mentioned above of our (idea no. – 26), then you can take this idea into consideration to broaden your niche. Many get confused to buy which camera and remember, where there is a problem, there is a business idea to solve it. Make videos recommending good cameras.

  1. Best tech list

This category will have mind-blowing future because technology is getting revolutionized every single day. If you are interested in this idea don’t wait to go with it.

  1. Best fails video

Collect footage from every corner possible and search for fails or failures in them, you’ll find millions of videos where humans fail to do something and it becomes funny enough to laugh.

  1. Best anything list

Again, wide range and large scope to uncover for YouTube video content. Do what interests you. Search for topics and make a best’s list.

  1. Top and best things about the year\month

No more time to waste on what video to make, if you go with this idea, you’ll know what to do every month, every year.

Vlogging related ideas for YouTube

  1. Make a holiday video

As usually when you go on a holiday for trip, tour, picnic, take a camera with you can make a vlog of your activities, works best for a YouTube video.

  1. Your city tour

Feel lucky, if you’re from an unpopular town, village or city. Because every place has something special, make a good video out of it.

  1. Make a hang-out video

This idea will make your hang out productive. As you hang out, simultaneously make a video of all the crazy stuff you do with your friends or girlfriend\boyfriend or even if you’re alone.

  1. Party time video

This is the best vlogging idea to do on YouTube, everybody loves to see parties. Make video while you are partying and upload.

  1. Pet Life in detail

If you have a pet, you can turn him into a star. Dogs and cats are the most adorable things on YouTube.

  1. Sell your products

If you manufacture or own any product and need sells, YouTube will help you. Make a YouTube video, then share it on all social media platforms and do everything to make it go viral.

  1. Show off what you possess

Owning a cool thing which nobody else possesses, or even if it’s rarely available at the market and if you think it will be interesting to know about. Make a video immediately about it.

  1. Film yourself doing something

Got some weird or crazy or unique stuff to do. Record it, make it attention-grabbing.

  1. Share your traveling experience

If you are much of a traveler and love traveling, try this idea. Make a video about your travel experience for people to know how the place you visit is and what you feel about it.

  1. Share any of your experience

Experience matters, really! You need to help others with your experience. A  video about on your experience from anything, even if it’s silly, try it.

  1. Nature at its best

Vlog on nature, what’s more, peaceful than that. Got good skills in videography and editing, this what you should go for.

  1. Interviewing celebrities and people

Connection and connections, that’s all needed for early success. Interviewing celebrities is not that easy, you need to have standard, for that, you need to start somewhere, make your questions interesting for an interview.

  1. Funny videos captured around you

You need to carry a camera with you, every time. Passion makes the work. Capture anything which is going to be or is funny.

  1. Drone footage

This idea is view-centric. You will gain views very quick. Buy a drone, take drone shots of your city, village any landscape and make a video.

  1. Event videography and photography

This is the most commercial idea in the whole list. You need a team and resources to it. Cover an event, a wedding, music show, birthday party, etc. Turn it into a good video, upload it.

  1. Debating on issues

You have politics, current affairs, economics and many more. Start a debate video for a change in the society, fight for something right on YouTube.

Trending ideas for YouTube

  1. Make an unboxing video

Buy something online or even at a shop nearby, unbox it. Unboxing doesn’t need to be some expensive product, it can be anything that you can purchase which is rare and cool.

  1. Explore Gaming

Most subscribed channel on YouTube is related to gaming, a crazy category for crazy people. Gaming itself has subdivisions. You can do a lot with gaming, which includes:

  • Review a game
  • Explore a game in-depth
  • Tutorial for advanced mechanics
  • Discuss the best players, features, settings in the game
  • Compare one game to another
  1. Point out mistakes

Doing this is not wrong. Search for mistakes in movies, TV shows, books, people anything and make a video on it. It will catch attention.

  1. Make prank video

No introduction, you’ll have ideas about it. First, watch a lot of prank videos and learn how it’s done. Try creative and innovative pranks that are never done before.

  1. Also, try prank fails

While making pranks, there are high chances of things going wrong. Don’t delete the footage, make a good funny video on it.

  1. Do Vine videos

Recent trend and a viral idea on YouTube are vines, they are funny, relatable and easy to make. Write a good script, add as much humor as you can – shoot, edit, upload.

  1. Try Lyric videos

Try to get a copyright permission for the music owner and make a lyrics video of a hit song, as the song becomes popular, listeners look for lyric videos.

  1. Entertain viewers

You need to have an objective here. This idea has a broad understanding. You can do anything here, make some jokes, so something funny, whatever, keep the viewers entertained throughout your video to increase watch time.

  1. Reveal Easter egg

Watch movies, TV shows. Find out the hidden Easter eggs and reveal them. This idea is as good as movie reviews.

For those who don’t know the meaning of Easter egg: An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work.

  1. Make Parody videos

This idea stands on top in the list of fun and entertainment, YouTube channels like Bart Baker choose a song, remake it with their own lyrics and fun. They are meant to meet a huge success.

  1. Answer FAQs

Again, the internet is a hub for answers and YouTube stands on top after google. Answer all frequently asked questions by making videos.

  1. Trailer break down

A much easier way of revealing Easter eggs. Many trailers release each day, watch them and break it down, find out things, that normal viewer doesn’t find.

  1. Make blooper videos

Own copyrights of videos or take only short bits of behind the scenes, you’ll find them in plenty over the internet. Make a funny and entertaining video.

  1. Prediction the future

People are curious to find out what’s going to happen, give them ideas and perspectives by making videos about which team will win the football match, what’s going to happen at the end of a movie and stuff like that.

  1. Make a comedy Skit

Make a comedy skit and record it. The funnier it is, the popular it gets. Best and less expensive idea of all.

  1. Time-lapse video

My favorite idea. Get a good quality camera, start recording nature, for hours, edit the speed of the video, that’s it. You’ll make brilliant videos. This idea is used by national geographic and discovery channels.

  1. video about tips and tricks

Offer tips and tricks of anything may be tips to score good marks, tricks to get more Facebook likes, any of your choices. Viewers will rush to your videos, take my word.

  1. Specifications and features of the tech

For unboxing, you need to buy the product to explain it, but here, you can randomly pick a gadget and explain its features, another economical idea which works.

  1. Sell and promote other brand products and be an affiliate

First, you need to become an affiliate, finish all the procedures for the brand, then start selling their products by making videos about them. Get commission on every purchase or click.

  1. Discuss Hacks

We all prefer making our life easier, videos on making things easier will do the trick. For example, kitchen hacks, school hacks, life hacks and these videos help in making daily life convenient and easier without spending extra money.

  1. explore facts

Knowledge is power, facts are a brilliant idea which belongs to all category viewers. Make videos on facts covering all topics.

  1. Compare products

Which is better? Figure it out and break the competition. Choose competitive products and give viewers a clear picture of which is best to buy.

  1. Destroy things

Doesn’t make any sense but still, people watch videos which feature expensive electronics getting destroyed. Videos like – iPhone cut in half, is Samsung S9 bulletproof? If you can afford it, you can earn it back by one video, if it goes viral.

  1. Video in Slow motion

Opposite of time lapse, imagine crazy things in slow motion and shoot at 60fps.

  1. How it’s made

Research about things and how they are made, it’ll help you too for gaining knowledge. For example, make videos showing how chocolate is made, how fishing is done, how electronics are manufactured.

  1. Take public opinions

All you need is a mic and a camera. Go around streets and ask public their opinions on any issues or stuff. Edit it into a short video.

  1. Make gossip based videos

You have a lot to explore, celebrity gossip, sports gossip, technology gossip, this is a good idea because everyone’s interest lies here.

  1. Try dub smash

Number of apps to make a dub smash including the app Dubsmash.

  1. Your opinion on a trending topic

Drop opinions on issues and topics that are going viral and are very popular. Don’t worry whether it matters or not, use attractive video titles.

Final Words

Your interest is all that matters, if you find any of these ideas for YouTube interesting, go for it. All of these ideas are especially for making money and becoming popular. Check out our other articles that will help you build your YouTube career.

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