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Venom review – Good but not as expected

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  • This article consists of Venom review by Sony Pictures in association with Marvel

  • Venom received a whopping 7.1/10 rating by IMDb, but only a 28% by Rotten Tomatoes

  • The movie’s story belongs to a separate universe where there is no spider-man and MCU (off-course).

  • Tom Hardy stole the show by displaying some crazy acting.

Before you go any further, this Venom review is fair and true. All Audiences have multiple opinions and no one is right or wrong, its all perception.

Venom review
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Venom is a good movie to watch, but a bad movie to watch again. Transformation of a Supervillain to hero dint turn out to be good.

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Venom is not that bad at all, the story is simple and straight. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) – founder of the Life Foundation is all notorious and plans a mission on expanding life beyond earth. While the returning back from space, the mission goes all wrong (Beginning of the movie), the rocket sent crashes due to some malfunction.

One of the specimens or symbiote (alien) that are brought from other planet escapes. Carlton Drake starts experimenting on these symbiotes and understands that these creatures are parasites and need hosts to live. Which also means – humans have a chance to live on other planets with the help of this symbiosis.

There doesn’t end the problem, the symbiotes need a perfect host for taking advantage and co-existing. On the other end, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) – a successful Journalist who runs his own show has to investigate Drake, the rocket crash of Life Foundation and legal cases against it. While doing so, everything goes wrong and Eddie’s life goes down, he crosses his line and gets fired by his company, loses his girlfriend and blah and blah.

6 months later…

All low and in need for a job, Eddie is on the downside of life and Drake moves forward with his experiments on the symbiotes and risks lives of humans in the process. Finding it wrong and unethical, Dr. Dora Skirth requests Eddie for help in revealing Drake’s work to the world. Eddie finds this as a chance to recover his career and agrees to help.

Here’s when his body merges with the symbiotes, which calls itself – Venom. The rest of the story is on how Eddie tries to control the parasite and an invasion plan by these aliens.

Tom Hardy saves the day

Whatever might be the situation, Tom Hardy always does his best. He played best for the role. The humor is set at right places revealing the dark and twisted rage of the symbiote. The development of the connection between the parasite and Eddie is so interesting.

The symbiote acts as the subconscious to its host. The voice of it is only heard by the host which plays in the background. There are a few dialogues by the parasite, which are super funny, the symbiote being so hungry and furious says “Outstanding! Now, let’s bite off all their heads and pile them up in the corner”.

The other dialogue that stole the entire show, “We are Venom“.

Rotten rating by Rotten Tomatoes

28%! Seriously, Venom was not that bad, but it had bad sides too. The lack of Spiderman in the movie is too hard to take in. Since childhood, we are accustomed to Venom as a villain who belongs to the evil party. And suddenly he is a central character and turns into a hero! Well, that’s not what we wanted.

The purpose of the movie is not established as expected, the movie has script issues and bad concept.

So finally…

Coming to the overall view, Venom is a psyched movie with enough entertainment and fun, but lacks a few elements like the perfect purpose of Venom to turn good and become a superhero. The movie was so fast,  missing details. Good VFX, but bad story.

And to be honest, Venom is funnier than you are expecting!

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