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Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Diana’s Magic didn’t Work This Time

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  • Patty Jenkins came back to direct the sequel of Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot reprised her role as DC’s female superhero.
  • Renowned music director Hans Zimmer composed the music for WW84.
  • Alongside Gal Gadot, other popular stars including Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal acted in the movie to make the sequel come alive.
Wonder Woman 1984 Review
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WW84 is a total failure when compared to its previous part. All that Wonder Woman did in the movie was swing like Spider-Man.

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The first part of Wonder Woman was an empowering story for women to feel great and be proud of themselves, it even saved the DCEU from sinking after the bad results of Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. Coming to Wonder Woman 1984, I think the sinking is back to trouble the franchise.


Wonder Woman aka Diana is saving people in the 1980s from all accidents and bad guys. However, Diana is still not over the loss of Steve Trevor and misses him every time she sees an aeroplane in the sky.

Barbara Ann Minerva is a colleague of Diana, she is not so cool and socially acceptable. Barbara desires to possess everything that Diana has. To her surprise, she gains all the good stuff from Diana through a lucky stone. This lucky stone also helps Diana with bringing back Steve’s life.

In the midst of all this, Maxwell Lorenzano is a financially broken businessman, forced to return money to his investor. The only solution to this problem assumed by Maxwell is to get his hands on the lucky stone that grants wishes.

The stone might make one’s wishes come true but at a severe cost. Will Wonder Woman, Barbara and Maxwell renounce their precious wishes to save the world?

What’s Good?

Barely anything!

The movie is two and a half hours long and I expected it to be detailed with added fun. I was wrong, Wonder Woman 1984 was dragged until the plot lost its elastic capacity. I appreciate that the main characters got their storylines and developments, but these characters were not as interesting like they were supposed to be, including Diana.

The action scenes were good and bad, they hit the right notes but for the wrong reasons. The story part made the movie feel boring and these cool action sequences didn’t help the film get better.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review Dianas Magic didnt Work This Time 3
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

What’s Bad?

You should have grasped the tone of this review by now. I am for sure saying WW84 is bad. Wonder Woman is a strong character and I am a huge fan. I fell in love with every bit of her first movie. Since then, my expectations rose very high for the sequel. It’s been more than a year and a half that I waited like the rest to watch this story about a female fighter. Maybe my expectations were too high, the movie failed to reach my conjecture.

If a movie can make me cry, then the movie is undoubtedly good. Wonder Woman 1984 failed miserably to fabricate an emotional impact. I did not cry for the touching ending nor did I feel moved with the message it tried to convey.

The cast did their jobs sincerely, I will give the movie that. But all the efforts turn into nothing if the movie lacks the necessary elements for the audience to connect.

Half the movie is just characters fooling around in the name of character developments and the other half is rushed to tell the story unconvincingly.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review Dianas Magic didnt Work This Time 2
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 1984

What happened Patty Jenkins?


I at least ask the readers of my reviews to go watch a movie once in spite of them being terrible. I don’t know what to say about WW84. For DC fans who love to watch all the movies of the franchise, they cannot miss this because for obvious reasons. For those who want to have a good time at the cinemas after the theatres finally got opened, I advise you to not prefer this movie at any cost.

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